Saturday, November 30, 2013

Santa Claus is in Klamath Falls!

Santa Claus landed in Klamath Falls by helicopter! I have to say this is the first for us. Unfortunately, Josh had to work. It was a fun short activity for us.
Waiting for Santa

Everybody got a blast of dirt in their hair, face and mouth. It was lovely.

Here is Santa and Tater-the mascot. Yes, he is French fires.

Averie Jo did NOT like Santa Claus. She immediately start crying as soon she sat in his lap. Nothing could stop her crying.


This year is our first Thanksgiving away from family. We were invited to Josh's boss house for dinner and our friend's house for dessert and games. It was strange being away from family but good. The food was of course yummy! The games was fun! We are thankful for our new friends here in Klamath Falls. It was one of my biggest worries when we move up here. Unfortunately, I didn't even take any picture on my camera. These pictures below are from my phone.
We made veggie squares.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Chevron quilt

Few months ago, I was on Pinterest and saw this cute chevron quilt and I decided I want to make it. Of course, I didn't pick the simple quilt to start, I jump ahead and do a hard one! Why do I do this? I don't know, the simple quilt wasn't cute enough for me. I was telling my grandma(in Utah) that I am going to make a chevron quilt. She said she have lots of fabrics that she have and won't use them and ask if I want them. She showed them to me and I told her that I would be happy to take them.  It wouldn't fit in my suitcase when I came home from Utah. My mom shipped the fabrics to me.

I organized all the fabric into color. You can say I am a little OCD, I like all the color together. For example when I eat dinner, I normally eat all the corn at once, than the chicken, etc. Does anybody else do that?  I borrowed a fabric cutter and board from Jennifer who gave it to me! It was so nice of her and I love the fabric cutter and board. I started cutting them and realized that I should iron the fabric to make the cutting much easier. As I am ironing them, the streams from the iron smell like grandma! You know that smell when you walk into grandma's house. It is grandma's smell. When she come over to my parents' house, I can even smell her before I see her. It brought up memories- grandma pulling out her fake teeth when I was a kid. I was curious with it. Easter times at grandma house, the Easter egg hunt, the youngest grandkid gets to go out first. I am the second youngest grandkids. It was so fun to see if you got candy or money in the eggs. Also many more memories!

I got the folding table and set it up in the family room, it took four long days to cut all the fabrics. Josh said it seem like I have been cutting them for 14 days instead.  I decided to cut them all at once instead cut them, sew them together and cut some more fabric. I had no idea how many fabric pieces I need for the quilt.

After cutting all the fabric, I was trying to decide how to pick the fabric to sew them together. I didn't want any same fabric piece touching each other. Josh said you got to mix all the fabrics up and just pick one and go from there. My OCD in my body scream NO but I did mix it them up. Josh had a great idea how to mix them up....throw them in the dryer. :) I would never thought of that.


I had a really rough start. I read the instruction on the website twenty thousand times and it took me about two hours to started. Once I sew a row, I got the hang of it and it got easier.


After I was done with the top layer and it took me forever to do the next step which is quilt all three layers together. I push it off and off because I worked so hard on the top layer that I didn't want to mess up. A friend of mine told me about the fusible bedding that you can iron the top layer on the bedding. I ironed the layers together and put safety pins on. I finally had enough guts to go ahead and sew all three layers together. Also binding was last and easy to do. Now, I know what I should do next time. The quilt isn't perfect but it looks pretty good to me. I may do another quilt down the road or not. I haven't decide yet.


Thanks grandma for the fabric! Averie Jo and I love it!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Averie Jo's adventure this morning

I set my alarm at 8:30 to jump in the shower but Averie Jo got up at 8:30(normally she sleep in until 9) and the baby monitor is going off like crazy which is unusual. Normally it buzz here and there but it was non-stop so I hurried into her and guess what? Averie is on the floor! She climbed out of her crib!  I wish I had the video baby monitor on so I can watch her how she climb out of her crib. I checked Averie and make sure she is okay and she is. We had breakfast and in the morning Averie Jo like to be held while drinking her sippy cup. I tried to put her down so I can go get ready and Averie Jo is not letting me take a shower(don't judge me-I can't be the only mom that didn't take a shower this morning because of kids). She cried and cried. So I just changed my clothes and do my hair and make up. Averie Jo is in my room playing with my stuff in the drawers. In one of the drawers is soap in a box. She played with them before, shake the box to hear the soap. Well..she open it and got the soap out and is banging on my mirror.
She got out of my room and went into the family room and got behind the gate. She got her books and DVDs. Not only she isn't allowed behind the gate but not only she got the DVD out,  she can open the DVD cases.
Averie Jo is loving this music book and she ripped out all the pop out thing. I guess she can have the book without supervision.
Averie Jo is now strong enough to open her drawers in her room and pull stuff out of the drawers. She loves to play with the First Aid Kit. She is playing with it as I am typing this.
Now I am thinking...should we lower the crib or go ahead and get a toddler bed? Am I ready for that? Should I remove the gate because it doesn't have any sense to be there because she can get behind the gate? If I do...she will play with the DVDs and books. I hope your morning was lovely!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We had a full day on Halloween! There was Halloween party for little kids at our church from the preschool group.  Averie Jo was a strawberry and wore her costume all day long. We ran an errand after the party and people commented how cute her costume and gave her candy.  Later, we went to a potluck dinner at a friend's house. I made chili soup. After dinner, we went trick or treat. Averie Jo had so much fun! She walked to every single house and did NOT want to hold my hands at all. After few houses of trick or treat, Josh got called to work so he went fix a flat tire while we continue trick or treat. :(  Averie Jo got the hang of what is trick or treat. We met up at a friend house for dessert and boy, she made lots of desserts and they were yummy!
Diesel did NOT like his costume. It is a little small on him and he just freeze while he have the costume on. I only had the costume on for picture.
We played different games, frost cookie, draw and dance.
( I played with the effects on the computer-don't judge too harshly!)
Averie Jo figured out this game real quick and love it!
Lindsey like to give Averie a hug once a while.
I love Leah's grin!
 Averie loves the trampoline. She kept going back to the trampoline and jump on it.  No, your computer isn't dirty, Averie Jo have food crumb on her face.