Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunshine and walk....

Today, Averie and I sat on the lawn and enjoy some sunshine. Averie crawled to the end of the blanket, pulled some grass and tried to eat them.
(I realized I have a TON of pictures of Averie but not so much of Averie and I. I am going to try to get more pictures of us together)
Little stinker wouldn't stand up for me so here is the back of her so you can see the whole outfit.
Is it darling?! I love this outfit! Averie had lunch and a bottle and we were off for a walk with Diesel.
Yes, you are seeing this correctly. Diesel is walking side by us, not dragging us. Josh and I figured out how to make Diesel actual "walk" not pulling us like we are on a sled. All we had to do is to put his harness on and wrap his leash around in front of him. Thats it! It is so strange where the leash is at make a HUGE difference for us.
This mama sure love the sun! We proably spent little too much time in the sun but I can't help myself. I am going to try to make an habit to go for a walk at least a couple times a week. I really enjoy walking a lot. I used to go for a walk on my lunch break at my old job. One day at work, I have had it with work stuff and need to get out to get some fresh air so I did and I enjoyed so much that I went for a walk every single day on lunch break ever since then.
 nfvvv bgvc  <-------Averie Jo want to say hi. :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

The day at the park

Averie Jo and I went to Keller Park over by our house. It is a nice small park. The weather was fabulous! Tomorrow is even supposed to be nicer. :) I miss the sun! Averie loves the swing. We will go to the park more often.
Averie and I on the swing together
We went for a walk after the park and Averie had a cat nap in the stroller.
Averie figured out how to turn the light on by pushing the button with her mouth.
The other day she took a nap sitting up and resting her head on the blanket. Silly girl! She can't sleep in one spot to save her life. She like to sleep in the corner most of the time.
Happy Friday!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Today, Averie is being a "turd head" as my father called her. Yes, I know he is mean and I told him don't call her that! She is a princess, not a turd head, then he called her a "princess turd head". Go figure! Averie got up at 8:30 which is considering little early after sleeping in until 9 or 9:30 for the past week or so. I am not complaining. I am glad she is taking after her Dad who can sleep until noon every day if he could. Normally, I would be up around 8ish, jump in the shower and get ready before Averie gets up. I like to take a shower before Averie gets up.
 I am still not quite comfortable taking a shower while she is awake because I don't know what she is doing to do in the bedroom while I'm taking a shower. One time Averie got the toilet paper, ate some and puked it up(super scary for mommy!) I can't hear her while I am in the shower. I peeked out of the shower every so often. I was just getting used to taking a shower at the old house and would be totally fine with Averie in the bedroom and bathroom. She would play with her toys or my scale. She loves to push on it. But now, we are in the new house, she is still exploring everything. If she is awake, I remove the toilet paper from the holder and put it on the bathroom counter. Remove all the cords from the floor or accessible for Averie. Move my laundry basket to the door frame to block Averie to go into my closet because she like to suck on our shoes..gross I know.
Now...the new thing for Averie is the shower curtain! She want to suck on it. It is hard for me to remove from her hands/mouth and tell her no while I am showering. I can't "lift" up the shower curtain for Averie to not get it. It wouldn't surprised me one day if she get in the shower with me.
Averie normally go down for a nap after her second feeding for the day but today she only slept for 30-40 minutes! Josh came home for lunch and we realized Averie is awake. Sometimes she will wake up and play around in her crib or chew on her crib. Yes, there are teeth marks on the crib...turd head!
I was skyping my parents and Averie started getting fussy and crying. I figured she was tired. I fed her and she finally went down for a minute. She woke up crying and moving around in the crib. She went back down and she sleep in the weirdest position. She tucked in her legs and holding on the post in the corner of the crib. Go Figure!
I am going to go play with Diesel as he is making his noise for me to come and play with him. I was planning on taking Averie and Diesel for a walk but that didn't work out because of turd head. I figured out how to make Diesel not pull so hard when we go for a walk. My only regret about this that I didn't figured this out earlier when I was home with Averie on my maternity leave. We would have take a lot more walks. I love to go for a walk.
Tonight we are having Cafe Rio Quesadillas for dinner. Well...we were going to have this for dinner yesterday for Josh's birthday but we were so full from lunch by the time we got home. We ended up eating the rest of the carrot cake. :) Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


When Josh and I found out we were moving to Klamath Falls, we talked about canceling cable. As most of you know, I always had cable my whole life and watched a TON of shows. Whoever created DVR is a genius! I wasn't sure if I could live without cable. Since I am a stay home mom, I didn't want to watch TV all day long either. We decided to put cable on a hold and try it for a month. We are using Hulu Plus and Netflix on my laptop thanks to our friend Joey. We hooked my laptop to the TV and watch it on the TV which works great but the closed caption is so freaking tiny and I am going blind again! :( Josh doesn't believe me that having a baby can change my eyesight.  I always need to sit close to the TV so I can see the caption. Josh and I looked into Wii and Xbox in order to make it easy and not always to use my laptop. We researched and found about Roku. Roku is a wi-fi thing that stream Hulu and Netflix. We went and got Roku. Roku is my new best friend at the house. The closed caption is a normal size! Yay for me! To my surprise, I don't miss cable and would be fine with canceling cable. It is weird to hear myself say that but it is true. The bonus is we save money every month not spending on cable!  Woo hoo!

Averie Jo

Averie Jo looks just like daddy but got my personality. For years growing up, my mom told me "I hope you get a child just like you!"..Well mom...you got your wish! Averie is always doing something, it is harder now to take a picture of her. She doesn't want to stop what she is doing and pose for mommy! I always have to take several pictures to get a decent one.
She was actually just sitting and watch the engagement video I found while I was unpacking. It was so funny to watch her just sit there!
She didn't want to lay on her stomach! For future kids, do pictures on the floor!
She doesn't sleep in one spot anymore, she is always in a different spot every couple hours. One night she slept with her butt in the air while holding her toy. She LOVES to sleep on her stomach!
Averie loves Diesel! She also loves his toy. She always want to suck on his dirty toy and I always have to tell her no, no, no. That is Diesel's toy. Averie loves to crawl over him and use his hair to pull herself up.
My mom asked me the other day, do you say no, no to Averie and no, no to Diesel all day long and my answer is yes! Diesel love plastic balls(One of Averie's ball toy thing) and already "kill" 4 or 5 of them :(
I love to go to the DVD player and suck on it.
One of my favorite picture
Yellow is Averie's color!
Does she look so stinkin' cute with her sunglasses?!
I can see her say "Oh please mommy! Stop taking picture of me, I have had it!"
She loves to play with this toy, she can't STAND the animals in place, it HAS to be out! As soon I put them back in, she take it out!
She love to crawl under the high chair.
She loves to play with my jewelry dresser's handle.
Averie plays with the make up/mirror toy EVERY SINGLE day. I am teaching her how to put blush and lipstick on it.

She is currently eating sweet potatoes, green pea, banana, avocado, apple, pear, cauliflower and butternut squash. She likes all the foods which doesn't surprised me. She will soon try carrot and cantaloupe. I am still making homemade baby food which I think it is so much better for Averie. It is time consuming to make it but so easy! I made a "meal calendar" for Averie cuz now she have a lot of different choices to eat and it is hard to keep track what she ate few days ago. I love the calendar and it make it so much easier for me to know what she will eat tomorrow!
Averie knows how to give kisses, well it is more like french kiss but hey..it is at least a kiss!

When Averie get excited, she make such a cute noise! I can't get enough of it! It is like a gasp with "hee"noise at once. It is so funny! Also her giggle/laugh is cute too!



I am little behind on my blog... Averie got her not one but two teeth on the bottom the week before we move! It was very difficult to get a picture of her teeth to show daddy. Averie like to put everything in her mouth but my fingers!
This is the best I could get..
I was so focus on the bottom, my sister-in-law Michaela pointed it out that her front is coming in soon too! I had no clue! Good job mommy..:( Her front teeth came in the following week!
As I am taking pictures of Averie, some of the pictures-you can see her teeth! She got another tooth coming in on the top.

The negative about these teeth...she can now hurt me! She has bit me few times, not cool!


I have been busy working on the curtains for the house. I am happy to say I am done! Yay! I am "curtain" out. :) I found a website online and follow her direction. It was much easier than I thought but it is time consuming with a baby who LOVES to get into everything! Most of the time, I will work on it while Averie is taking a nap and sometimes I work on it after Josh get home so I can spend more than 5-10 min a time. One night, I end up staying up until 12:30. I was on a roll.
Here is the family room.
(It is hard to take a picture of a yellow curtain.)
Averie's room
Our bedroom
The office

Now, I am done with the curtains, my next project is the office. It is one BIG mess. I need to organize and re-arrange the file cabinet. It is driving me crazy!