Friday, September 11, 2015

We are moving to....Sacramento!

We were in Utah for one day when we found out that we are moving to Sacramento. Josh is now the Assistant Manager. It was his first interview since he got on the list in order to apply and he got it! We are so proud of Josh! We are going on another adventure and we are so excited and can't wait. Josh is already in Sacramento when we came home from Utah. We got home on Wednesday and we left Saturday to visit Josh and check out the town. Also to check out the house we bought! It was almost a month since we saw Josh last, it was way too long and we are doing again for another month. 

I forgot to post these pictures in the previous post.

Does she look so grow up walking Bella?

Ninja Brenleigh

Averie LOVES the puzzle and want to play with it every single day!

Averie found the cat and "drag" it to the family room. Poor kitty!

Nurse Sophia- I got to pick out her outfit. She wants to be a nurse like her mommy. 

Of course, the trip isn't the same without doing crafts!  I made the flowers wall decor for my future niece. I love it so much that I almost want to take it home for myself. 
Steph and I made a bunch headbands for our girls. You can see Sophia and Brenleigh have one on a couple pictures before this.

A while ago my mom sent me a flip flop wreath pictures and said "hint hint". I bought the stuff and made it for my mom. 

We had a busy weekend in Sacramento. We went to the Zoo, Funderland Park and Old Sacramento.

We were so excited to see Daddy! We went straight to his work and saw him.

We are moving next month. Wish me good luck to pack up the house with the girls. I started packing today during the girls' nap time. Brenleigh is making it difficult for me since she wants me to hold her ALL THE TIME! 
We will miss Klamath Falls! 

Trip to Utah

The girls and I were able to come to Utah for 3 weeks. It was so much fun and it always go by too fast. I didn't take as many pictures I wanted to but at least I took some. 

Brenleigh LOVES to chew on the wipe bag. 

Averie and Eli had some fun on the slippy slide. 

Averie didn't care for going down the slide the way she should. Eli LOVES it! 

I took some pictures of the girls for a friend. I was surprised how well Averie was cooperating with the pictures.

Miss Attitude 

We went and visit Grandma White. The visit is always good.

We will be back to Utah for Christmas! We are so excited to spend Christmas in Utah for the first time in 3 years.