Friday, January 29, 2016

Brenleigh's last tutu and 1 year old pictures

I can't believe the tutu journey is over! Brenleigh has 7 teeth, weigh 18.6 pounds and is sure a Mama's girl! She loves to cuddle with me and more on the quiet side which is unusual for me because I am so used to Averie who is wild and loud! Brenleigh likes to eat anything and love her big sister sharing her food with her.

This is my last picture? 

Does Averie look so grow up?!

Her tongue!

Brenleigh is 1!

We were in Utah when we celebrate Brenleigh's 1st birthday! I can't believe my sweet baby is 1! Where does the time go? It goes faster and faster!  We had a great time. Sarah helped me with the Winter Onederland theme and it was perfect! Also thank you Sarah for taking the pictures for me. It is nice to see myself in them for once!  

Is Eli cute?!

Brenleigh likes her cake but she ate some of her cakes but nothing like Averie did when she pretty much dived into her cake.

She shared her cake with us. 

Happy birthday Brenleigh! We love you so much!