Thursday, April 14, 2016

Random update

The other day, I was wondering when was the last time I post new one on the blog and realized it has been a couple months. I have been slacking! I also haven't been picking up my camera that much either. It has been much harder lately but here is some random pictures from the last couple months. I really need to be better at it. 

My sweet Averie Jo is still full of energy which is never ending. She is definitely more stubborn and want to do things in her way. She doesn't listen very well.....which drive me crazy! She loves to play with Brenleigh and share her food with her but when it comes to toys- that is a whole another thing! 

Brenleigh is now 15 months old! She had her check up the other day and she now weigh 20 pounds 12 ounces(47%) and is 29 3/4 inches tall(25%). She is just a tiny healthy thing! She refused to talk(I think it is because Averie talks too much!) She is learning where is her belly, nose, eyes, etc are at. She isn't as cuddling anymore but she is still an Mama's girl. She loves to give Diesel a kiss all the time. 

I LOVE this one!

Averie LOVES to have tea party at breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between everything!

She was mad that she couldn't eat the paint!

The girls painted paper for me for Valentine's Day. I cut it out heart shape and hung it up over my fireplace. 

 Park day

Bubbles time!

Family time!

 Oh my sweet serious Averie Jo! 

She was mad that I wouldn't pick her up as I was taking pictures. She is definitely a mama's girl!

My parents came in town and visit us. It was always too short!

Sarah Louise came in town and we went to San Francisco!  

It is just a cool town!

We had so much fun with Sarah! We did lots of craft time, talk nonstop and having fun!

After Sarah left, my in-law came in town and celebrate Easter with us! 

Doing the Easter Egg hunt. 

The girls had fun doing the hunt! We love having all the visitors and we can't wait to see everybody in Utah in few days!