Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week 29

198/365 Peek-a-boo! He was making sure we were still outside.

199/365 Miss Averie Jo loves to go down the slide backward!

200/365 Ice cream! She got her very own cone and she had every single lick/bite of it.

201/365 Week 22

202/365 One afternoon, she decided she wants to be naked. I was able to convinced her to put a diaper on her but no way jose on the clothes. 

203/365 We were invited to a water play date and Miss Averie Jo had SO much fun! She loves to water people's toes. 

204/365 Sunset- the picture doesn't do justice at all! The sun was very orangy because of the fire smoke.

Some of these pictures are from my cell phone. Hey..it is better than no pictures right?! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

The lovely trip to Utah

Averie Jo and I were able to spent three weeks in Utah! It was soooo much fun! Josh was able to come for a week. As usual, it went by so fast! I didn't take too many pictures. I want to focus on be able to enjoy with everybody and not be behind the camera. I also realized I send home the camera charger with Josh so I was limited on taking pictures anyway! I am too lazy to put the pictures in order and want to post this before Miss Averie Jo gets up. :) Enjoy the pictures. There may be few pictures on here that I already posted it..

Birthday party for Miss Averie Jo, Dad and Debbie.

Enjoy a soda for her birthday!

Swinging at the park.

Averie's best selfie so far..

Eli is sharing his toast with Averie Jo. Is that so sweet?!

Averie Jo was copycat me when I put my head on the counter.

The gorilla didn't want to show his face. We went to the zoo with the girls. It was fun!  

Averie is helping Papa mowing the lawn.

When one do something, the other follow....

Miss Averie Jo found a marker at Aunt Susie's house and marked herself. Luckily, it came off easy! 

I love this picture of those two. Aunt Robyn was so good with her. She made Averie homemade play doh! 

Snuggling while everybody else helped pack Scott and Michaela's house.  

Grandma Wendy taught her how to eat corn off of the cob and that's all she want to do from now on. 

We learned that Averie Jo LOVES broccoli! 

We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. It was lots of fun! It was also super packed!

Having fun at the park! 

Jumping off of the couch! 

Running into the pool!

Went to Liberty Park, The kids had a blast! 

I love Eli's face! 

Averie Jo threw a fit every time she has to get off the ride. She had lots of fun! 

We did so much more, visit family and friends, go see movies and do all different activities!