Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is already 2014. 2013 went by so fast! SO much has changed this year. Josh got promoted to "Management in Training" position in Klamath Falls, OR. I got to be a stay home mom sooner than I thought, we figured I would be a stay home mom when we have our second kid in the future(Don't get any idea- I am NOT pregnant). I ran my very first race! We had no idea this year would change a lot. It is definitely an adventure for us. I do like living in Klamath Falls after I got over the cultural shock.  I was thinking the other day that when we move to next store, I will miss Klamath Falls. It has it own charms. I wasn't sure if I can handle small town and I have no problem. I made lots of friends here which I am so thankful and it definitely help the adventure.

Averie Jo turned 1 in August. She is my world and I can't imagine life without her. She is changing SO much! She is now talking and she does have a favorite word which change once a while(thank goodness!) This week is Diesel. First thing she say in the morning is Diesel and all day long!  She can say mommy, daddy, what's that, no, Diesel, wow, mouth(she does know where her mouth is), woof woof(she shook her body when she say woof woof), un-oh and honey. Sometimes I swear she say random word once a while and won't say it again. She loves to dump all of her big lego out of the bag every single day, read her book and play in the wagon.

My resolutions this year:

To learn more about photography and get better at taking pictures
Eat better and exercise regular

(Most of the pictures are from my phone)

Averie Jo is in mid sentence of "woof woof"

Averie Jo is rocking this outfit!

Crazy hair

Helping mom sweeping the floor

Averie Jo love Daddy

Helping mom cook

Trouble maker!

The love of my life!

Averie Jo LOVES Diesel very much!

Christmas and In-Laws!

We were lucky to have the In-Laws to come up here for Christmas. They came the Sunday before Christmas and stay for the whole week! We were very anxious for them to get here and planned Averie's nap around the time they arrive so she can be awake when they got into town. I was little worry how Averie was going to be when they got here because when I was in Utah last time, she mostly wanted me to hold her and not so much the family members. Grandpa Richardson and Uncle Jordan was on the bottom of the list who can get to hold her. We don't know if it is the beard that scared her or what. She warmed up to them very quickly which I was thrilled! If you give her food or even candy- she will be your best friend. You can't have a snack without giving Averie Jo a little bit. Trust me, she will find a way to get on your lap. She loves Uncle Jordan and Grandpa Richardson even through they have a beard. :)

We had a relaxing day when they came in town. The next day we went to Crater Lake. The weather was little worse than last week before when we took Joey up there. We got there just in time before you couldn't see the lake. There was an rainbow over the lake which was a first for me.

Santa Claus(Grandma/Grandpa Richardson) gave Josh, Steph, Jordan and me little early Christmas presents(money) so on Christmas Eve we went on a double date in Medford. Steph and Jordan found closed caption theater in Medford which we had no idea. A while back we try to find closed caption theater and couldn't find one. They got brownie points from me!  Grandma and Grandpa Richardson watch Averie Jo while we went on our date. Medford is an hour and half away so it was a long double date. I told Josh that this is the longest I have been away from Averie since August! We saw Anchorman 2. It is a funny stupid movie. We went to Olive Garden before we saw the movie. We LOVES Olive Garden and wish there was one in KF town. It didn't feel like it was Christmas Eve. The whole month of December went by so fast!

We watched Christmas movies just about every night and play games(Catch Phase is an AWESOME game!). On Christmas Eve, after Averie Jo went to bed, we started putting the kitchen and wagon together. Less than five minutes later, I realized I forgot how much Josh and I love to put stuff together(NOT!) I decided that the girls can work on the kitchen and the boys work on the wagon(Thanks Richardsons and Williams for helping us!). It was much nicer that way and we both got the toys put together. This is the first official year we stayed up late to put toys together for Averie Jo! Averie Jo is still little too young to understand Santa Claus but she understand we can open the presents.  My mom always put candy in our stockings but she wasn't here so therefore I did it. I want to keep it a surprise from Josh so he can have little surprise from me because I figured he thought he is getting a satellite radio from me even through I tried to play it off that I wasn't going to get him one. We got Diesel a giant bone and he is still working on it today.

The Richardsons told my parents that they would be happy to take their presents for us in the truck instead shipping them to us. I heard about this and wondered if they really know how many presents they give to us! The truck was packed super tight and had no room to spare at all! It was a tight ride coming up here. :)

Christmas day was fun! We got up around 7:30ish and got Averie Jo up. Averie Jo opened her presents first and she opened every single one! The last couple presents we had to help little more because she was pretty much done opening them. She even laid on the floor and open them. We got lots of gifts and thankful for them! We skyped with my family. It was little strange not seeing them in person. It is our first year away from them. Skype definitely helped and knowing that we will see them in just few weeks!

We had yummy homemade dinners all week long and went out a couple times. I have never use my dishwasher so many time in a week! I ran it at least once a day!

Diesel's BIG bone!

I'm tired of opening presents!

After Christmas was over, the girls had a craft day. I helped Steph and Debbie make spoon mirrors and earring picture frame holder.

Jordan taking Diesel for a walk few times. Diesel was Jordan's best friend during the week and was very watchful of him and hope Jordan will take him for a walk after he put his pair of shoes on. Thanks Jordan! I haven't be able to take him for a walk for a while because I don't want to take Averie out in the cold.

The week went by so fast! The next we know we were saying goodbye to them! I didn't realized how wore out Averie was until they left. She took a four hours nap the day they left and sleep in until about 10 in the morning for 4-5 days. Also three hours nap in the afternoon too! It was lovely for me!