Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Utah trip June 2015

The Richardson's gang went to Utah for our niece Sophia's blessing. We were there for a week and of course, it wasn't long enough! Our week was packed with something to do every single day, literally every hour was counted. 

We went to the Zoo with the Richardson and William gangs.

Baby monkey...so little!

Grandma Richardson and Brenleigh-I LOVE the sunglasses. I use it every single chance I get.

The McCleery gang went up to Silver Lake and walk around.

The girls had craft afternoon while the boys went somewhere(I can't remember!)
It was lots of fun making these for Sophia.

Sophia's blessing

I still can't believe I made Sophia's dress!

We went to the park with the Richardson

Brenleigh likes the water.

The McCleery want to the Tracy Aviary-Averie couldn't care less about the bird show!

I didn't take too many pictures because I want to enjoy instead of taking pictures all the times. I took the Williams' picture and it was a blast! I miss taking pictures.  It was so much fun! The girls and I are coming back in August and we can't wait! 

Brenleigh is half a year old and Averie Jo is almost 3!

I can't believe Brenleigh is already half a year old! She weighs 14.8 pounds and 26.5 inches long. She is still my happy calm baby. She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself every single chance she gets. It didn't take long for Brenleigh to figure out crawling. She tried sweet potatoes and she loves it! She ate it all-she did better than Averie did for the first time.She started sleeping through the night but it only lasts for 2 weeks and then she is back to getting up once a night. The 2 weeks was lovely and can't wait for it to come back. She is becoming a thumb sucker which we are trying to stop her from doing that. I just love this girl so much!

I swear there is an exact same picture of Averie with this pose. I need to find it. 

Averie Jo is almost 3! I can't believe it! She is so determine that she can DO IT BY MYSELF with everything such as getting her toothbrush and put toothpaste on it and more! She began to play with Brenleigh more often which I love but I have to keep an extra eye on her because she is little too rough with Brenleigh. We are teaching her to be soft with Brenleigh. I am like a broken record-Averie, you need to be soft with Brenleigh. Averie- be careful! Averie-stop it, you are hurting Brenleigh- oh it is okay, Brenleigh. She is just a good sister to Brenleigh!

One day, Averie was swimming in her little pool. She told me she need to go potty and I forgot to grab the towel so I didn't want her to walk in the house and make small puddles all the way to the bathroom. I told her to take off her bottom and pee on the lawn(please don't judge me) and I should have NEVER done that because since then she peed on the lawn several times even through she had complete access to the bathroom in the house. She even pooped outside once! This girl is determined but this mama isn't going to let this happen again! I just never know what is going to happen next.

Diesel had a tomato bath to get rid of the skunk smell.

I promise she does have her underwear on.

We bought a Tahoe! It still need a name!

Helping feeding Brenleigh even through she poke her eye out.

We went and saw Inside Out movie and Averie did so well!

Helping Daddy make dinner

Averie said-Oh no! Brenleigh got a booger! Ran into Brenleigh's room, got a wipe and wipe it off of Brenleigh.

(All but the tutu pictures are cell phone pictures)