Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 38

I am posting this few days early because I am going to be too busy making cookies tomorrow and Halloween is on Friday. 

262/365 I love how Averie Jo put her hands on her face. She take advantage of it and does it often!

263/365-My birthday!Are you wondering who is taking the picture? My awesome wireless remote control is! I got it for my birthday. 

264/365 Reading a book. Averie Jo is reading more and more books lately!

265/365 31 weeks! I am jumping for joys that we are down to one digit countdown! Can the next 9 weeks go by fast? I would appreciate it!

266/365 Tickling! 

267/365 Averie Jo love to wait for Daddy to come home for lunch or for the day on this chair since it is too cold to wait on the porch. 

268/365 A Pirate?  Averie Jo is going to be a Pirate Fairy Tinkerbell for Halloween.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week 37

255/365- One of my favorite pictures of a family I took. I had so much fun taking these pictures! 

256/365- Life gets crazy and I am trying to appreciate the simple thing. I love when Averie wrap her arms around me when she is upset. She just started doing this and who knows how long it will last.

257/365 Pumpkins! Averie was very proud picking out her pumpkin but couldn't care less picking one for her sister! 

258/365- 30 weeks! I can't believe I am finally in the 30s now! For the past week, I am having crazy dreams, like beyond crazy! 

(not my best picture-I HATE using flash for it...)

259/365- Averie and Lily grabbed each other hands and walk to the area all by themselves. It was very cute to watch!

260/365 Averie loves to brush her teeth!

Opps! She got her nose for a second!

261/365 Daddy was off yesterday so we carved pumpkins and Miss Averie Jo painted Baby B's pumpkin. Averie Jo had absolutely no desire to touch the pumpkin's guts. She would rather watch Frozen which she did.  

Tinkerbell-Josh and I did it together-I thought it was perfect for Averie Jo because she LOVES Pirate Fairy and that is what she will be for Halloween. 
Painted pumpkin-Averie Jo

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 36

248/365 Miss Averie make this face every single time she take a BIG bite!

249/365 At last! Sarah Louise is here!

250/365 Averie LOVES having Sarah and Aaron here. She had so much fun!

251/365 Week 29- last week to be in the 20s!

252/365 Gobble, gobble and gobble! We did lots of crafts which was heaven for me!

253/365 Crater Lake! 

254/365 She is so sweet when she is sleeping! 

We had SO much fun with Sarah and Aaron! The week went by too fast for me! We hung out, play games, did crafts and much more!  Averie learned quickly if she wants something, she have a better chance with Sarah and Aaron than me! Aaron/Sawah..come on while pulling your fingers.  ;) 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 35

I didn't take too many pictures this week because I have been busy with projects! So some of them are pictures that I have taken in the past but never made the cut until now. Enjoy!

241/365 Froggie

242/365 I am now ready for fall! 

243/365-Watching Diesel run around

244/365 28 weeks! Slowly getting there-12 more weeks to go- more like almost 13. 

245/365 Ladybug

246/365 Ponytail

247/365- Personality. I love to watch her how she does things or how she sit. 

I will be late on next week pictures because I will be having too much fun with my friend Sarah and Aaron! Woo hoo! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week 34

233/365- Play doh! Daddy was off the whole weekend which was super rare and nice! 

234/365 I decided to pay extra attention to how Averie walk. She walk on her tip toes a lot! I don't know why. (This isn't the best picture but the only picture I can get with tip toes)

235/365 Lines in the wood

236/365 Week 27- getting closer! 

237/365 Running around in Daddy's socks. She always like to put them on after Daddy take it off after work. 

238/365 Blowing it away

239/365 Fall is coming

240/365 Cinnamon rolls-They were fluffy just like I wanted to. In the past, my cinnamon rolls were not fluffy enough like my Aunt Robyn. She "trained" me while I was in Utah and now I got all the tricks. :)