Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sometimes pictures isn't enough...

Averie Jo loves to jump and jump all over the house. This is the first time she ever jump on a trampoline. She had a BLAST! I see a mini trampoline in the future! 

Averie Jo is being silly and LOVES to play with Diesel's water. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 16

This week, I decided to do close up for a change because I feel like I take the same pictures over and over. Averie Jo and I pretty much do the same thing every week! We are boring! Maybe next month I will do another month challenge. 

106/365 Nosy

107/365 Wavy

108/365 Tiny

109/365 Wood

110/365 Loopy

111/365 Flowery

112/365 Barbie's hair

Friday, May 16, 2014

Week 15

99/365 Laughing

100/365 Lines

101/365 "Flying" across the room

102/365 Macaroni and Tomatoes soup

103/365 Favorite new toy

104/365 More bubbles 

105/365 Taking Diesel for a walk

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Utah Trip #2

We make another trip to Utah and Josh was able to come this time! We were able to celebrate Josh & Eli's birthday and Easter with families. We had so much fun! A week isn't long enough! It was near impossible to see everybody but we make it work. 

We got into town super late Friday night. The next morning Scott, Michaela and Eli came over and we visited and play.
Miss Averie Jo LOVES the swing! 

Scott and Michaela decided to cut Eli's hair. 

Eli didn't care for getting a haircut.

Just a serious face! He looks so darling! I love it!

Averie and Eli like to go around the yard in the wagon. 

Eli was looking at ant.

Josh got a ant or a bug in his hand. He was very curious with them.

My mom's favorite flower- tulip 

We got together with Josh's family Saturday evening and had Easter dinner. 

They put a Easter hunt together for Averie Jo.  Averie Jo would open up each Easter Egg and eat the jelly beans while finding the next egg.

Averie Jo had lots of fun running around! While we were at dinner, I got a call from my mom saying Eli broke his leg! His leg got caught under him while he was going down the slide and landed on his leg. Ouch! 

The next day on Easter, we had a Easter hunt in my parents' backyard. Eli was pull around in a wagon getting his eggs. He is eating some Jelly Beans. 

I couldn't get any good pictures of Eli and Averie Jo together. Josh and I gave Eli his Easter outfit and Scott and Michaela gave Averie two dresses! 

The kids got bubble gun and they had so much fun with it!

 My mom and Averie were matchie! 

 The next day, the whole family from both side were able to go to the new aquarium. It was really fun!

I love the way Steph and Averie look at each other.

This picture above and below are the same jellyfish. They changed color. It is very cool!

Eli kept screaming when the Sea Otter move around. It was funny to watch him.

Averie Jo got her first haircut. She didn't care for it. She kept moving around and won't sit still for more than two seconds. 

Thanks Aunt Susie for cutting her hair!

Is Eli just so stinkin' cute?! He would actually look at the camera when I take a picture of him-so unlike like Averie Jo. 

We went to "This is the Place" over by the Zoo. They had petting zoo and buildings to check out. It was much bigger than I thought.  Averie Jo got to hold a chick but she didn't care for it but she will give kisses. 

This was Averie's favorite thing- milk the fake cow! She kept going back to it and didn't want to do anything else!

Grandma Richardson and Averie Jo

They had a mini train we went on and Averie got to dig for a gold. She was more interested in water. She would get the water in the little bowl and dump it out over and over. 

I got an opportunity to take my darling cute pregnant friend Courtney's maternity pictures(well I begged her and she said yes!)   

Also I got to take pictures of Sarah and Aaron too!  Sarah took pictures of us. We took turn taking each other pictures so we can get some practices. Sarah and I have the same camera and learning about photography. It has been really fun to do it together! 

I had lots of fun taking pictures and editing them! 

The trip didn't ended the way I wanted to. I had a dumb abscess that I couldn't stand any longer and had to get it drain and fix which took pretty much most of our last day. We miss everybody and We can't wait to come back the end of July!