Saturday, August 8, 2015

Brenleigh is 7 months old and Averie Jo is 3!

Brenleigh is now 7 months old. She is all over the places. She likes to go into the bathroom and play with the step stool and Averie's room. Lately, she has been naughty about taking naps for the past couple weeks. She would fall asleep in my arm and as soon I put her down in her crib-she is awake! I even encourage her-telling her it is okay and leave the room which I think even make it worse and I even don't enter her room at all. She is just stubborn! She likes banana and sweet potato but isn't a fan of avocado. I have a feeling she is going to  be a early walker- hopefully not before 10 months. Brenleigh is my happy baby girl. 

Averie Jo is now 3! How can that even be possible?! I feel old to have a 3 year old child. She is my pistol sassy stubborn independent girl. She still like to go go all the time and she wants to do thing "ALL BY MYSELF!" A lot of the time she prefer to be half naked. I have no clue why she like to be naked. She loves taking bath with her sister Brenleigh. She still love Curious George and Sophia's the First. For her birthday- she wanted ice cream for breakfast which she got. We watched Sophia's movie and had Subway sandwiches at the park and play at the splash pad. We did whatever she wanted to do. I think she had a great day! 

She loves her sunglasses!

my blue eye baby girl...

We are coming to Utah in few days and we are so excited to see everybody!