Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week 42

290/365 Averie Jo was mad that she couldn't watch Curious George cuz it was Mommy and Daddy's turn to watch a show. (At the moment-she LOVES Curious George!) She also pick out her outfit for the day. 

291/365 I know I already posted this picture on Facebook but I just love it! It is one of my best crafts I ever done! It was lots of fun!

292/365 Giddy up! Diesel didn't care for Averie to be on him while he is trying to get the rest of the peanut butter out of the jar. (Josh took this picture). I love her face!

293/365 35 weeks! I can now count how many weeks on one hand!!!! 

294/365 Miss Averie Jo was helping me crushing the graham cracker for the raspberry salad I made for Thanksgiving. 

295/365 Happy Thanksgiving! Next year-Brenleigh will be in the picture!

296/365 I just love this girl! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 41

283/365  She was watching herself while I was taking her picture

284/365 Diesel! 

285/365 Not only she loves to play with Playdoh but she LOVES to smell it. She doesn't just smell it, she put it on her nose and smell it.

286/365 34 weeks! 

287/365 Daddy had a long weekend off so we went to the Science Museum in Ashland.

288/365 Bubbles!

289/365 Probably one of the last few pictures of just the three of us. :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Actual update on the Richardson

I know I have been doing my weekly picture post. I am just thankful it is getting closer to be done. I am NEVER going to do it again. Once is plenty! I just want to be able to take pictures when I want to. I have been having LOTS of fun taking pictures of families when they asked me to take them. It is nice for a change to get more experience.

Here is the update on us.

Averie Jo is still wild and super active. She is a chatterbox and half of the time, I can't understand what she is saying. I am scared to say yes/yeah just in case she is asking me something and freak out she doesn't get it after I say yes.

Averie can't sit still for long when she isn't watching her movies/shows. She is just like me and it drive me crazy! I just want her to chill sometimes.

Lately, I have been seeing Averie to look more like me which is strange but cool at the time. She looks like Josh for so long that I didn't think it was possible for her to look like me.

Averie Jo definitely push her limit on everything and more. One time, I was making something and using flour. I told her don't touch the flour, she hurry touch the flour and lick it off of her hand.

Averie now can sit and watch a movie. She prefer to watch a movie over a show. She loves Frozen, Pirate Fairy and Tarzan. She would pull my fingers and said come on! Drag me over to the cabinet and wait for me to open the cabinet so she can pick out a movie to watch.

Averie Jo loves to read books and her favorite book is....Old McDonald! It is read at least twice very single day. Once before nap time and bedtime. Josh and I take turn reading Old McDonald every night. Yes, we do skip few pages here and there.... I know the book by heart now...

It is so fun to see more and more of Averie's personality coming out. I love her laughs. She kiss her own owie. I have a mole on my arm and she think it is an owie and she kiss it better all the time. She is just so sweet.

When Averie lay down on the floor, she likes to fold her arms behind her head and relax for 2.5 seconds.

She LOVES to play with playdoh. She plays with it every single day! She also like to play with her blocks. She like to put the single blocks together and say Ta Da! I did it!

Averie Jo is doing great sleeping in the big girl bed. She never got out of bed at night. She does now get up earlier in the morning. It was at seven for a while and now it is slowly getting closer to eight which I would prefer that!

I am just trying to get all the sleep I can now. I definitely don't sleep like when I was pregnant with Averie. I slept like a log every single night and it was awesome! With Brenleigh....not so much. Brenleigh think it is party time! She has been super active during the night and day too. I swear she is even more active than Averie was in my stomach. She favors the right side of my stomach a lot of the time which make my stomach lopsided. She likes to touch my right hip which Averie never did. I do have lots of Braxton Hicks like I did with Averie Jo.

There is one new thing in this pregnancy that I didn't have with Averie which is backache. Oh...my...goodness...It is not fun! That is the only bad part of this pregnancy and it is making me want to have Brenleigh any days now. I am going to get a prenatal massage soon and am looking forward to it! Just over 5 weeks left!(give or take) I am prepare to go late like I did with Averie. As much I don't want to go late, I am trying to go far away from Christmas as possible.

I am still working on Brenleigh's room. It is slowly coming along and I am now feeling the pressure to chop chop on it! When I was pregnant with Averie, her room was finished weeks before I had her. Of course, I didn't make anything for Averie's room- just ordered stuff. Sometimes I can't believe I am making stuff for Brenleigh's room. If someone told me few years ago, I would be a crafty person some day-I would laugh! Now, I ordered teal buttons for her letter B canvas and....it wasn't enough! So, I ordered more buttons but still waiting for them to come in the mail. I finished the crib ruffle skirt! I am still working on the crib bumper, it is ready to be sew but I am waiting for my zipper foot in order to finish sewing. I can see the finish line, I am just very anxious to get it done!

Josh and I did lots of freezer meals which the freezer is almost full! We got one more breakfast meal to make and we are all done! I am just glad we are almost done.

Josh is doing great with his work. He is working his butt off!  I can't believe it is getting closer to his two year mark on his program. Time sure does fly by fast! More and more people are asking us about the "rumor" that we are moving which we are...next year. I don't know when or where. It is a waiting game!

We can't believe we are about to become a family of 4 soon! We are so excited and can't wait! Averie understand that Brenleigh is in my belly. It will be very interesting to see how Averie will react once Brenleigh is born.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week 40

276/365- Averie Jo's favorite cereal- just the marshmallow part! Silly girl! She won't eat the other part.

277/365 Where is Averie Jo?

278/365 Silly Putty

279/365 Week 33

280/365 Sneak Peek of Brenleigh's decor

281/365 She loves to wash her hand at the sink but hate to wash after she goes potty. Go figure!

282/365 Visiting Daddy at his work after preschool. We, of course had to get popcorn!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 39- I wish I was week 39 already!

269/365 She loves to talk on her fake cell phone.

270/365 Miss Averie Jo is getting better at looking at the camera when I use the wireless remote control.

271/365 Bowling with Papa! 

272/365 32 weeks!

273/365 She had so much fun bowling! She even beat grandma in the second game!

274/365 Papa helped me make the fabric canvas to cover the painting on the wall. (Thanks to Jessica for the idea!) It is the first decor in Baby B's room!   

275/365 We went to the Fire Station for the preschool field trip and we got to ride the fire truck!

Bonus pictures! 

Grandma giving Averie Jo a bath! 

Family picture!

Grandma and Papa came up here for 5 days and we had lots of fun with them. It always go by too fast!