Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 24

163/365 Caught in action! Sneaky girl! I have to put the chair down so she won't climb up but now she will stand on it and grab whatever she can reach. Nothing gets in her way! She will find the way!

164/365  That afternoon she decide it is shirtless time! 

165/365 Grapes! She loves them! 

166/365 16 weeks!  The bump is getting bigger every day! 

167/365 This is how we found out it is a girl! 

168/365 Yummy cupcake! I knew we are having another girl. Had a feeling pretty much from the beginning.

169/365 Splash Pad- She had so much fun! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Coos Bay/Brookings- Warning- Pictures overload!

Josh's parents came in town and stay with us for few days before we went to the coast. We had soo much fun with them!  We wish we could stay for the whole week.

We went the baseball game- Go Gems!

Yummy! We all had ice cream sandwiches. 

The next day, Miss Averie Jo went swimming and make sure everybody got somehow wet. She surprised grandpa(papa- Averie Jo won't say grandma or grandpa but can say papa!)

Plane! She is still yell out plane every single time she hear one.

Josh got the camera out and let Miss Averie Jo play with it. Don't worry, it is waterproof! She loves it!

Grandma got her wet!

Happy 4th of July! Aunt Susie got her the cutest outfit! We went to the parade and had the typical bbq dinner- hot dog, burgers, pasta salad and corn. I could seriously ate the whole pasta salad. It was so good! 

The next night after Josh got off work, we took off to Coos Bay. Averie Jo of course never slept on the way there. Too much excitement! 

We saw a light house. 

Pretty view

Grandma and Miss Averie Jo- it is nearly impossible for Averie to look at the camera. There was too much for her to explore and she never stop! 

We took a tour at the light house and this is the inside the lighthouse. It is pretty cool. 

Later the day, we went to the beach! I was looking forward to this.

At first Miss Averie Jo didn't like the water but after got settle in than she loves it and didn't want to leave!

Daddy! Save me!


It was foggy! 

One of my favorite pictures!

Love her ponytails! 

Averie got a big owie while on the trip. 

The next day, on our way to Brookings, we stop at the Game Park. Averie Jo had a blast and love the goat!

The goats' LOVES Steve's cane to scratch their head between their horns. They went to town on it! 

Averie Jo want the goat to sit on her lap! 

Miss Averie Jo gave the bear a hug!

This baby goat was born few days ago! 

We also stop another light house. It was so windy and foggy that you can't see the ocean! 

Where is the ocean?!

The next day, we went to the beach before we went home. 

Miss Averie Jo got LOTS of sands in her shoes. 

Miss Averie Jo kept laying down on the sand. She DIDN'T want to leave! She would fall down and lay there. Debbie and I would pick her up and drag her across the sand! 

Miss Averie Jo is always on the go go 24-7! Debbie said she is a tornado and hasn't slow down at all even on days she didn't get much of a nap! Once Averie Jo is awake, she is up and running until nap time and bedtime! She doesn't relax or chill like ever! 

We can't wait to see everybody else in two weeks! We are so excited!