Monday, September 23, 2013

Diesel boy-my running/walking partner

Diesel is my running/walking partner. I can't began to describe how much Diesel enjoy it. I will let the videos tell you. When we don't go for a walk or run, Diesel is VERY disappoint and hope we go ALL day long as he watch every single move I made! He will pout, seriously. He will give me the "look".  We have a routine in the morning. We get up, have breakfast, change Averie to her regular/day clothes, get myself ready, go get the stroller ready from the garage, go get Diesel's leash from the office and go. Diesel act like I just drag it out for a long time before we go. If I am sitting on the couch, he will sit-watching me. If I am up and walking around, he follow me every single step until we go. He doesn't care about Averie. He has knock her down several times because he is so excited!  Okay...don't call the fashion police on Averie. I was testing out to see if Averie will keep the mittens and hat on while we go for a run. I was surprised she didn't even try to take it off!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adventure's up and down

I debated whether to post this on the blog. Every adventure has it own ups and downs. All we hope is more up than down. I have read several blogs and some of them talked about the up and down and some of them only talked about the up, the positives which portray them having the perfect life. Nobody have the perfect life.

Yes, It is hard to be 663.4 miles away from families. Yes, the .4 counts. I am doing much better than I thought in Klamath Falls. I did make friends and they are all so nice but they don't know me like my friends back in Utah. I don't expect them to, it is just not the same. I am thankful for my new friends!

There were few other people who moved to Klamath Falls just like we did and they make friends and became close to some of the girls so fast. I wish I had that. I know I am not perfect, it is harder for me to make friends than others.

I feel sometimes being deaf does affect me with new friends. Sometimes I feel I am standing on the outside watching them talk to each other. I am trying my best to be involved but it doesn't always work out. Do I dare to ask them what they are talking about or just let it go? I am still getting to know the new friends that I don't know if I keep asking will annoy them or they are willing to repeat everything over and over.

It is hard in a large group of people because it is so much HARDER to follow and talking back and forth goes so fast that my deaf ear can't catch up. There is always something I am missing which I am fine most of the time because it is just part of life which took me a while to be okay with it but it would be so nice to be able to understand every single thing.

Some days, I do feel lonely. Josh work a lot of hours and Averie Jo and I only have so much time with him. He does come home for lunch which I love but sometimes we miss each other because I am walking with Averie Jo and Diesel or showering and I don't get full maximum time with him which does upset me.  It may sounds silly to you that I get upset not getting the maximum time but I always work around Josh's schedule so we can see him. I talk to Averie Jo all day long but she can't talk back yet.

Please know I am not singling out anybody. It is what I feel sometimes. Luckily I don't have a lot of down days. I do try to keep myself busy. I love to work on crafting projects.

Venting is over. :)

P.S. Random thought...There should be a rule or a law that a deaf person should never have to call the insurance company ever! I am going to get a big fat bruise on my head for smacking on the table over and over. I hate dealing with the insurance. They are stupid and can't give me a straight answer. I talk to a different person every time I call and I never know if I am going to be able to understand the person clearly. I have to start all over again each time which doesn't get me anywhere.

Okay..venting is really over. Thanks!

Tulelake Fair

The following next weekend after Labor Day was the Tulelake Fair. It is about half hour away from Klamath Falls. It is actually in California. I didn't realize how close we are to California. I always thought it was like a hour and half away. On Saturday, we went there after Josh got off work and quickly got a Dough Boy which was a HUGE scone. It was delicious! Then, we went to the car derby. Averie Jo prefer Dr. Pepper over her juice. That is my girl! :) I love Dr. Pepper! After the derby, we were still hungry so we got corndog and fried snicker bar. It was yummy! We had lots of fun so we decided to go the next day too.
The next day, there was Mud Bogging. It last a lot longer than I thought and Averie Jo was very itchy to get down and walk! So we took a half hour break from the Mud Bogging and walk around the fair. We went to the animal farm and Averie Jo got to touch the sheep. She was very interested in them. We went back and finish watching the Mud Bogging. We had a great time and for sure go back next year!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

1st time freak out moment

I can now say Josh and I had an official freak out moment with Averie Jo. It was Josh's day off and Josh took my car to get the oil change and his haircut while I took Averie Jo and Diesel for a walk. We both came back to the house and it was time for Averie to go down for a nap so she did. Josh and I watch TV while I painted wood blocks for the Stake R.S. activity that is coming up. We have the video baby monitor and I see that Averie Jo is up. Josh went got her because I was still painting and had paint on my hands. I see Josh holding and looking at her blanket in her crib after getting Averie Jo. I thought that was kind of weird but move on.
 Josh came out and said Averie Jo took her earrings out and I can't find them.
I instantly thought about me eating batteries from my hearing aid when I was a kid. I was 3 years old. Yes, I was a child from hell, naughty kid and a kid who doesn't cry but scream. I already started see some trend in Averie Jo about screaming.... I was NOT prepared for Averie Jo to eat earrings. She is ONLY 13 months old. I wasn't prepared for this until she was a couple years old at least! I was thinking- Don't be like me Averie Jo!
I hurried as fast I can to finish painting(I was almost done) while Josh went back and look for the earrings again.  Nope, he can't find it! I washed my hands and looked for them. I striped Averie Jo naked and only found one the back of the earring. I told Josh I remember Averie Jo was touching her earrings when I changed her diaper before she went down for her nap. We called the ped's office and we were waiting for them to call us back. We are in panic mode! We decided we better not feed Averie her lunch and of course Averie Jo wants her milk and she saw her cup and cry for it.
Josh decided to go look for earrings outside and in the garage. After a LONG 45 minutes to a hour-behold Josh found the earrings over by the jogging stroller! Thank goodness! I really thought I remember her touching her earrings before her nap but maybe it was before we went for a walk. I seriously lost brain cells after having Averie Jo. They went bye-bye.
I was so happy that she didn't eat her earrings. She can be a little shithead but not as much I thought. Thank goodness. She is just sneaky and took out her earrings while we went for a walk earlier.
Averie Jo- don't scared mommy like that!

Running- Am I more crazy than I thought?

 For the longest time-running and me did not go together well at all. If fact, I am the one who say no to running but I would be happy to meet you at the end of your run with ice cream :D I would rather choose to go biking, swimming over running!

A friend of mine talked me into to go running at the crack of dawn before our hubbies goes to work. How did she convinced me? I have no idea but somehow she did. We went few times before I went to Utah. She told me that I was a natural and I laughed! I said yeah right! While I was in Utah, I ran a few times with my sister-in-law Michaela. I was doing better than I thought. Michaela told me a app called MapMyRun. I love it! I use it all the time!

At the end of August, a friend of mine talked about doing a Monster Dash which happened to be on my birthday-lucky me. I was thinking what the heck? I should do it. I was planning on doing a 5k. It seems like a good goal. I started running more. I didn't so much like going at crack of dawn. I wouldn't mind doing that every once a while but not a couple days a week. I got my jogging stroller out, put Averie in it and Diesel's leash on my left wrist. It took me about a week or so to figure out how to go running with them. At the beginning of the run, Diesel just want to take off hard. I always have to resist him and hold him tight until he burn off some energy and finally go with my pace.
After a couple weeks, I did my very first 5k around my neighborhood and I was excited! I was like I can do this! So I decided to change my goal at the Monster Dash 10k.(Am I more crazy or nuts than I thought I was?) I had a old pair of running shoes that I had for years. I decided I need a new one. I asked few friends about it and decided to get this!

Saucony  Women's Kinvara 4

Is it pretty? I love love the purple! I couldn't resist this color! The shoes are so light. I also learned how expensive running shoes are! I had no idea how much they cost. My longest run is 3.77 miles. I asked a friend of mine about running program she use to train herself. I like it a lot and helps me to maintain my training. Am I fast or slow in running? I have no idea. Some days, I felt like I was speed light and some days I felt like a dog after a half a block. I am still figuring how what is best for me, how fast to go, etc. My best run was 3.1 miles in 28 minutes which is 9:07 minutes per mile- I felt I was going to die at the end of the run and was a half a second away to walk to rest of the way. I really had to push myself. I was thinking how can I do a 10k when I can barely do a 5k?  Few days later I ran 3.77 miles in 39 minutes which is 10:27 minutes per mile. I felt so much better this run than the last one. I just got to pace myself and don't kill myself. Few days later with my brand new running shoes, I even did it better! 3.72 miles in 36 minutes which is 9:46 minutes per mile. You can say the new running shoes helps me :D Woo hoo!
Josh goes running with us(Averie Jo and Diesel) on his days off. Lets just say he like to cheat and cut corner. :) One time I told him that I want to go running without Averie and Diesel to see what it is like so he got both of them while we ran. He said that didn't go well at all. heehee
The race is in 5 weeks. The weather is getting colder and colder :( I am tempted to get myself a treadmill that fold up so I can keep running. It would work best for me to run at the house instead of at the gym because of Averie Jo.
if you want to go running with me, be prepared to walk #funny #ecards #exercise #fitness
If I ever had to run for my life, I would probably die. | Confession Ecard | someecards.com ($23) found on Polyvore
Best Fitness ECards Ever!
A friend of mine, Jessica sent me this. :D I felt the same way until I took up running.
motivation for running but sub the margaritas with Starbucks iced coffee:)


Josh and I always try to save money very month. It has been a little challenge going from two income to one when we move to Klamath Falls. I try to find things or make things to be cheaper. It is a part of the adventure!

Where did I find the idea? Pinterest! I made homemade laundry soap. I was little nervous about making laundry soap, I didn't want to use crappy soap to wash our clothes. The batch was huge! It made 10 gallons! Would I change anything? I wish I could find essential oils in KF. They are nowhere to be found. It smells good without essential oils. I save my milk cartons, wash them and use it to stored them in. It was easy to save them because hubby drink 4 gallons a week.  I save the old laundry container/bottle and pour a gallon of laundry soap. It make it much easier to use it. I use 1/4 cup for a load. I made this shortly after we moved here and as you can see, I have used two gallons. This batch will last for a long time!

I made homemade baby wipes. It was so cheap! If you have a kid, you already have all the ingredients. The only thing I needed was a container to put the wipes in. All you need is paper towel, water, baby soap and baby oil. Pinterest said to use the more expensive paper towel so I did. The other day, I ran out of wipes and all I had was the cheap paper towel so I use it. Guess what? I like the cheap paper towel better than the more expensive one! It was thicker. Go figure! I still buy the store baby wipes for traveling. I am still looking for the small plastic case for baby wipes and I could put the homemade baby wipes in it. It is more difficult than I thought to find the case. My only regret with this, not doing this sooner!

Josh and I love burrito and chicken nuggets. I don't know if we should be embarrassed about it or not. We eat them like A LOT! I decided to try make homemade burrito and chicken nuggets.  We used two pounds of hamburger meat, refried beans, pinto beans, spanish rice and of course cheese! We used two whole packet of tortilla. There is 18-20 per packet I think... Anyway we figured it was much cheaper than buying store burrito. As we were making this, I realized I forgot to buy big baggies to store them in, we end up using our biggest tupperware we have. It was really good, I wouldn't change anything.

The next day after we made homemade burrito, we made chicken nuggets. I bought a big package of chicken and cut them up. We dipped them in olive oil and roll them in parmesan cheese and Italian bread crumb mix. It is good but next time, we will dip them in milk instead of olive oil.

Few weeks ago, I decided to make homemade coffee creamer for fun. I found a website. http://www.mrshappyhomemaker.com/2013/03/homemade-coffee-creamer-over-20-flavor-varieties/

It has a basic recipe for coffee creamer along to what flavor you want. 
  • 14oz sweetened condensed milk

  • 1 3/4 cup milk or cream

  • I like French vanilla creamer and all I need along with the basic recipe is 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. I didn't have vanilla extract but I had imitation vanilla so I tried it with that. It was good but I think it would taste better if I actually got vanilla extract.

    I also use my Harmon bags to get five cents off per bag I use. Most of the time, I remember to take it to the store. I go shopping at Fred Meyer. I like Fred Meyer because every dollar you spent there, you get a point. The more points you have, the more cents you have off for gas. I use coupon from Fred Meyer, you can put it on the Fred Meyer card which make it nice! Once a while, my mom send me coupon with stuff she sent me, I use them too.
    What do you guys do that help you save money here and there?

    Crafty-my area!

    Lately, I have been in a crafty mode which is mainly the reason why I am behind on the blog. Umm..should I do a craft project or post on the blog? Craft project! :D
    I was working on wreath for R.S. which was really fun for me. I had to make four wreaths. Coffee filter, Toilet Paper Roll, Fabric and Napkin wreaths. Of course, all the ideas came from Pinterest. I wouldn't know what I wouldn't do without Pinterest. I heart Pinterest! I can do craft project but I am terrible coming up with idea. Someone have to come up with idea. That is so not my area.   
    I am planning on making this on a wreath. I tried to make a flower out of crepe paper. It looks like a dead flower instead of a pretty one. I am still working on it. Are you wondering what color am I doing? Purple! duh..of course! :D
      crepe paper flower wreath
      For the hallway.. I made a letter R out of toilet paper roll. I got a picture frame from Goodwill. I am planning on getting a cute fabric to go behind the R and put it in the hallway with picture on the side.
    I made another wreath out of toilet paper roll. I know I seem to be on a toilet paper roll kick. :D My finger and thumb were sore rolling the toilet paper roll into rosebush.
     This was HALF of the rosebush for the wreath. Lots, lots and lots of toilet paper roll!
    I love it! Now..I need hooks for my wall to hang up/stored the other wreaths in the office.
    People! I need your input! I do ask my hubby for his input but well....they are not very helpful..He would say "Oh do whatever you want or they are both cool." I need help deciding what to do on my blank walle2.
    I am thinking about doing this for my bathroom wall. Yay or nay?
    Toilet paper rolls
    I am thinking about making Richardson frame above my TV. Using dollar tree small picture frame, free letter picture and get piece of wood from home depot. Yay or nay?
    Free photo letters. There are literally hundreds of each letter. You simply download for FREE and print from your own printer.
    I am thinking about doing 4 of this next to my big picture below. Yay or nay? If Yay..should I do all over the same style or 2 same one or all different? Also we got family pictures done so another possible is to cover the big picture(tree/forest one) with a family picture. Yay or Nay?
    toilet paper roll crafts
    I have this lovely blank wall. I am trying to decide what to do! Of course, I go on Pinterest but there are only a zillion ideas.  Here is some I found. What do you think?
     I can move this picture or cover it up with something.
    Fabric scraps + cork
    I know getting the frame can be expensive but I read somewhere on pinterest that someone got thin wood(I just can't remember the name at the moment) and cut the frame out of it and paint it. I would definitely need to borrow a wood cutter thing or pay the store to cut it for me. Yay or nay?
    Buy the wood plaques at hobby lobby for $1, paint and mod podge the pic onto them.
    I know I did this for Averie Jo's room but I wouldn't do the same color, possibly use book page or would it be too much? Yay or nay?
    Oh my yes.
    Should I use a mirror and put pictures around it? Yay or nay?
    diy-love it!
    I am thinking putting pillow on my living room couch and chairs.. Yay or nay? I read of course on pinterest to get king size pillow and cut it in half instead of buying regular pillow.  What color?
    Easy, no-sew (awesome!), and cute home decor
    I have two big windows in the living room, I am a happy girl that I can finally open up the blinds. All summer long, I kept them close because they would let in so much heat in the house which isn't good for a house with only one window A/C.  Now... should I put curtains up or not? I read somewhere on pinterest to use cute pattern tablecloth as curtain. Cheaper and it is already hem. Yay or nay?
    Please put in your input. If you have any other idea that I don't have...please tell me!
    At last..I want to do a quilt! Why do I want to do one? I don't know, I just do. I am still on the chevron kick still from Averie Jo's birthday party.  I don't want to just blow money on doing a quilt. I am trying to figure out what is the best way to do this. I am going to do a small quilt that way I can decide if I want to do a bigger one or only smack my head few time just to finish a small quilt. I ended up got a bunch small fabric from my grandma. So, I am leading toward to the last picture of the quilt. If you guys have any scrap fabric leftover...feel free to send them my way. I would be happy to take them off of your hands. I am not sure if I have enough.
    Chevron Quilt Tutorial...very easy and clever...from The Little Fabric Blog.Easy Chevron quilt-NO TRIANGLES yahoooo!Molly Flanders: A Modified Y-Seam

    Sunday, September 15, 2013

    1 year old!

    My baby who I swear was just born few months ago is already one year old! Where did the time go? Luckily we were in Utah for her birthday and we had a great big birthday party for her!  We went for her 12 months check up and of course she is perfect! She weigh 21 pounds and 29" tall.  
    She is a busy bee who is on the go 24/7
    Babbles all the time
    Never stop moving which make it difficult for mommy to take pictures
    Can say dada and mama but not very often
    Love to wave, clap and give kisses
    love to SCREAM! (just like mommy when she was a kid-oh dear...)
    Love to drink milk just like her Daddy. I am working on Daddy to go from 4 gallons of milk to 3 a week.
    The purple tutu project is finally done!
    You can see how small the tutu is for her. When she was newborn, it was HUGE on her.
    Why do I have to do this?!
    I can't believe how much she grow in a year!
    We had so much fun with Averie Jo's birthday party. Thank you for everybody who showed up and support Averie!
    I am one year old!
    The cake was a success! She pretty much ate the whole cake.
    Averie Jo got LOTS of presents!
    I am so thankful that I got to be Averie Jo's mom! She is the best thing that ever happened in my life!