Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weekend with Grandma McCleery!

Grandma McCleery came up here for a long weekend. We had a blast with Grandma. It was too short and the time went by way too fast. Next time you come up here Grandma, you need to stay at least a week! Averie Jo told me to tell you that.
Grandma flew here on Thursday night, she said don't keep Averie up but of course, I woke her up to go get Grandma from the airport! We couldn't resist it!
The next morning, Averie Jo was very happy to see Grandma.
Averie Jo's hair is so blonde that it is hard to see it in pictures but you can see in this one.
Aunt Michaela gave Averie some clothes and bows. I love big bows and they are just so stinkin' cute!
We went to Crater Lake and the lake was sooo blue! It was very cool.
Averie Jo was showing off to grandma with her walking. She gets better every day with her walking.
Averie and her silly tongue. She stick out her tongue a lot.
We waited for grandma to go play/swim in the pool for the first time! At first she wasn't sure but after we got some toys, she was an happy girl.
Diesel kept drinking the pool. I had to keep telling him to knock it off.
Averie Jo doesn't like to wear dress because it is difficult for her to crawl so we tuck the front part of the dress so she can get around easier.
My parents got Josh an patio set for Father's Day. We love it!
Grandma painted Averie Jo's toenails. She did a great job! The high chair is the trick to get it painted.
Don't mind Averie being almost naked. This was taken in between laundry and getting into pj.
We had macaroni and tomato for lunch. It is a tradition for me and my mom. My dad and brother aren't fan of it so when we are together alone, we have macaroni and tomato. If you never had it, you are missing out!
Averie tried mac and tomato and loves it.
We went for a hike behind a friend's house that I went last week and told my mom about it. She wanted to go so we went. I enjoy going on a hike.
We can't wait to see you in August. This weekend we are going to go on a vacation with Josh's family. We are excited to see them!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Averie Jo like popsicle. She was being silly, making noises and moving her tongue. She also gave me a french kiss. :)
I finally got video of Averie Jo climbing on the couch. She pushed the box over to the couch and got on it.  This video is long because I was hoping she would get down from the couch which she can but wouldn't do it for the video.
Last night Averie Jo was on a roll walking! Earlier the day, she took 8 steps which was the record and later on in the evening she took 11!! We finally got some on video! It was impossible to get video by myself during the day. She does it out of the blue so it make it difficult to get it on video. After we were done taking video, Averie Jo walked to Daddy from the couch to him without us encouraging her. I don't think it won't be long before she is walking 24/7. :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 months old!

Averie Jo is 10 months old! I can't believe how old she is! Time goes by too fast! I say this every month but it is true! She is TWO months away from being ONE year old! That is just crazy!

Averie Jo is a climber! She figured out how to get on the couch by herself. She push something so she can stand on it and get on the couch. Daddy has been teaching her how to get down from the couch and she can do it pretty darn good. She gets better at it every day. I have been trying to take video of her climbing and I always miss it by a split second. One day I will get it on video.

Averie Jo is close to walking. She can stand up and take a few steps here and there. In fact while I was taking her pictures, she took like 6 or 7 steps!

Averie Jo loves to make a squawk noise and click noise with her tongue.

Averie Jo is eating more solid food such as chicken, different crackers and whatever we are eating.

Averie Jo can give you a french kisses.

We are having fun going to the mommy and me activity.

I'm resting my head.

Averie Jo is clapping her hands. She will do this once a while.

I am done!!
Trying on new shoes!
In the big girl car seat!
Josh and I are going to get an A/C for the house. I feel like I am in the pioneer time without A/C.