Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The boy with long sock and short

I was reading someone's blog and she wrote about how she met her husband and decided I should write about how I met Josh.
Old picture of us.  Josh looks so young!
I met Josh after I graduated from high school. We met through mutual friends. I went to jr. high school with a girl name Elise and we went to a different high school(She went to Cottonwood and I went to Taylorsville). My best friend Sarah and Elise are good friend and decided to bring a bunch of their own friends and hang out. I wasn't there because I was on vacation in Hawaii with my family. My parents decided when one of us graduated from high school, we go on a big nice vacation. When Scott graduated, we went on a cruise. I decided or suggested that we should go Hawaii. It was fabulous!
After I came back from Hawaii, Sarah told me about Josh and how cute he is! She said I should meet him. There was another boy in the picture that I was sort of dating/hanging out. So one night we made plans and met the boys at Mason's house. Josh was sitting on the couch with his long white socks and short and playing video games with the boys.  We played video game or I should say the girls watch the boys play video games. I tried to play the game but I couldn't get my person to move at all, I kept moving the upper body. I am not good at video game at all!  I told Sarah that Josh is cute but those long socks and short doesn't go together. I remember the boys make fun of my big white purse. They were like "WOW! Are you sure your purse is big enough for you? I love my big purse!
A few weeks later or so, we decided to get together again and hang out. Sarah talked me into ditching the other boy that was sort of in the picture and go for Josh. She didn't care for him. Which I am glad I did. :)
Josh and I talked and made plans to hang out with Elise and Mason. We were supposed to get together at seven. I waited and seven came and went by. No Josh. I was thinking..did he forget about me or ditch me? I was annoyed.  Eventually, he texted me and said sorry, he just got off work and had to work late. So, they finally came over and we went down to the Elementary school down the street from my house. We learned how close we live by each other .We were just about a mile apart. It is crazy how close we love by each other and didn't meet until after high school.
We hung out few times here and there and we got together for the 24th of July and went saw the fireworks. We carpool(jeep-pool Josh's first baby) to the fireworks. As we were getting ready to go home, we said our goodbyes. I walked to my car and realized I forgot my blanket in Josh's jeep. I stopped Josh and told him that I need my blanket. He got my blanket and walked to my car. He kissed me! I was not expecting that and it was a very nice surprise! Of course, the kiss make me giggly all inside and I texted Sarah and told her that Josh kissed me!  (Few months later, his family found out that we kiss before we became "official" and Steve, his dad said oh you got to test the product before you get it. lol)
About a week or two later, we were hanging out again. I asked Josh so...what are we? Are we dating or what? He said yeah, we are dating if you are good with that. I said yes, I am good with that. That weekend, my family had a birthday party for my dad. People were asking me if I had a boyfriend. I told them I am dating a boy name Josh. People were asking me so are you dating just one boy or is he your boyfriend? I told them just dating him at the moment. That make me question what is Josh's definition of dating. Is dating to him just one on one only or date whoever you want? My definition of dating was date whoever you want. Few days later, I asked Josh, so...what is your definition of dating? Are we just dating each other like boyfriend and girlfriend or dating people? He said like boyfriend and girlfriend, that is what you want right? Of course, I said yes. August 5th is our dating anniversary. I was 18 years old and Josh was 20 years old. I would have to fight for Josh to not hang out with Mason. It started hanging out with Josh few days a week and Josh would hang out with Mason with the other few days while I do homework. I remember thinking..please I hope we can hang out instead you go hang out with Mason. Eventually overtime, we hang out every day. (Sorry Mason!)
After we have been dating for about a year or so, Josh told me he overheard his mom telling his sister Steph that it would be a good idea that she should get me a Christmas present because I may be her sister-in-law one day. I was TOTALLY blow away! I wasn't even thinking about marriage at all! I was focused on school and getting though it. I was like oh no! no way! I am not even CLOSE to be ready for marriage. It was the farthest thing away from my mind.
Eventually, the word "marriage" would come up during family dinner with his family. I pretty much flat out said no, I don't think so. I just want focus on school and I am way too young. I am not going to be one of the Utah girl who just date for a short period of time and get married! No, no...so not me! It was a sensitive and touching subject at family gathering. Sometimes, I can tell they want to ask me about it but they didn't dare to ask or say anything. I can feel it in the air. Once a while, they were brave enough to ask about it and my answer was always the same. No, focus on school! They would tease us about it.
Josh and I talked about marriage once a while for future time. He said he wasn't going anywhere and told me to let him know when I am ready for it.
It was torturing Josh's mom for a long time! She was like you guys have been together for a long time! I want to get marry at my own time. Everybody thought I was crazy for dating so long and didn't fall into the "norm" of dating and marriage.
I remember after I graduated from college and can tell that people are waiting for Josh to pop the question. I was like no please, I just BARELY graduated from college. Take it easy. My parents threw me a graduation party and Josh family's went camping in the same weekend. Josh's grandpa was there visiting them. Josh and I came up the day after the party. Grandpa grabbed my hand and said where is the ring?! I was like no, no ring! It is okay.
During that summer, Josh and I talked little more about marriage here and there. I remember one night we were watching tv and there was a commercial about a wedding ring and I said that is a beautiful ring. Josh and I talked about wedding ring and looked them up online. For years, I always said I want a princess cut.  I just love the looks of it and shape.
Every year, we like to go do the parade of homes. I love to go look at the houses and dream about the dream house we want to have one day. It is taken us several days to do the parade because of work and we can only go do a couple house a day. One day, we make plans to go look at more house. He came and picked me up. As we were driving I said do you want to go look at wedding rings instead of go to the houses. Josh of course said yes, lets go! We went to just about every jewelry store in the valley and I tried on every ring. As we looked at rings, I began to love the halo ring. There was just something about them that I love!
Of course, at the last store for the day, I finally found the ring but it wasn't just right yet. My ring had two halo rings, I wanted the inside halo taken out and put the diamond in it and it would go down further because I didn't want to stick out too much. I told Josh this is what I want, do what you want to do. In the midst of looking at the ring, either my mom called me or I called her and told her that we changed our plans and decided to go look for wedding ring instead of doing the parade of the homes. My mom was like what? really? okay.... I told my mom to keep it a secret. Josh was like this is not fair..I need to tell someone too! Josh chose his dad and told him you better keep this a secret and don't you dare to tell mom! (This was during August)
My mom and I went to the bridal show in September and nobody knew! I wasn't even engaged yet! We wanted to get some ideas for the wedding. I told Josh that I didn't want to know when he was going to propose to me. I wanted to be a surprised.
During this time, I was looking for a job because my internship was going to be done soon. I found out I got a job with AP&P and I was thrilled! October was a big month for me! I moved out of my parents house on October 1, started my new job on October 4th. October 13th came and Josh proposed to me! Of course, I said yes! He came up with a darling idea to propose to me. He carved pumpkins each a letter that spelled out "Will you marry me?" We hurried ate dinner and went to Josh's parents house first. His family were getting ready to go camping the next day. On our way there, Josh texted Steph and try to get her to come over to the house without telling her and she kept saying I am busy packing. Finally Josh gave up and said do you want to see Kellie's ring? She said I will be right over! Debbie and Steve was outside packing up the truck. Debbie was surprised to see us and ask us whats going on, what are you doing here? I said guess what? She said what? I said we are engaged! Debbie freaked out and jump for joy! Then she asked when is the wedding date? I said we are thinking about April. She said April of next year?!  I said yes, next year. I'm sure she was thankful that we didn't have just a long engagement since we dated for so long.
Josh did a great job!
After we went to his parents, we went to my parents' house, my brother and sister-in-law and family and friends house to tell them the great news and show off my ring.
We picked April 2nd, 2011 to be our wedding date.
Bridal picture
Wedding day!
We got married after 4 and half years of dating! Josh said that I was his missionary twice! hahahaha Next week, we will have been together 7 years! I can't believe it is has been seven years already! It has gone by fast! 
If someone told me at my wedding that I will be pregnant when we celebrate our 1 year anniversary. I would laugh at your face! But it turn out I was six months pregnant and we had our beautiful baby girl on August 6th. The day after our dating anniversary!
P.S. a couple years later after we started dating, Josh and I were talking about the past, how we met, etc. I finally ask him why did you wear long sock with your short!? He said he just got off work and went straight to Mason's house instead home to change. I told him it is a good thing that I let that slide when we first met. :)
It is not long sock and short but pretty darn close.
I love you honey! Even through you steal my bed sheets.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adventures in the 541!

Last week, we were invited to go swimming at the Lake of the Woods. It happened to be Josh's day off so we went. Before we left, I had a few mini panic attacks about the water and Averie Jo. It just freaks me OUT! I just have all the bad thoughts about it.  For a spilt second I almost bail out but I decided I need to put my big girl pants on and go for it. I am glad we went! I was much better than I thought I would be. Averie Jo loves it! She had a blast.

When we got there, Averie Jo just want to pick up all the rocks and eat it!

See? She got a rock in her hand going inside her mouth!
No mommy! I want to eat the rocks!
This is fun!
Don't mind my white ghost skin. I haven't been tanning since I left Utah. :(
Daddy! Don't you dare to put me on my back. (she doesn't even like to be on her back in the bathtub)
Averie Jo is now making faces and this is one of her new faces.

I have been working on Averie Jo's birthday party! I can't believe my baby is almost one! Where did the time go?! I ordered her dress, invitation and did a trial run on her cake and cupcake. Actually, I did two trial runs...the first one was a disaster! Lets leave it at that.. The second one was much better and hubby is in charge of frosting the cake! I just don't have the patience.....

Daddy stole my phone and took a picture. :)

Don't let this sweet innocent face fool you. She gave me a work out this morning! I almost left the house with half shaved legs and make up! Averie Jo was NOT happy about me taking a shower and tried to get in the shower with me at least 5 times. I almost had to change her outfit because it was getting little wetter each time she tried to get into the shower.  Averie Jo decided she wants to play hide o seek with mommy's hairspray and she won. (I finally found it after a couple hours). I am pretty sure Averie ate some toilet paper but of course she isn't telling me that. Averie Jo had a second breakfast/goodies so I can somewhat finish getting ready this morning. For a second, I thought about ditching going out but no! I am not going to go through the whole work out without getting something out of it!
I hope Averie Jo is going through a phase of not taking a second nap. The last couple days she go down for like 2.5 seconds and than she is up! Mommy doesn't like that! I watched her on the monitor and she is walking back and forth in her crib, roll around and play with her blanket.
I have been involved playing basketball(that's right..you read it right-basketball-I can't remember if I talked about this before or not..). They decided to stop for the month of July and we have been riding our bike! This make me super excited!
Photo: #momsonbikes #wheresjulie
I love biking and really want to get back into again. We are currently looking for a bike trailer so I can take Averie Jo with me. The girl to the right of me is Angela. We went to school back in Utah and we both end up in Klamath Falls! It is a small world...literally! A lot of people from Utah are moving to Klamath Falls. It is amazing weird! (I stole this picture from FB-Thanks!)
I am also involved a book club! I didn't realized how much I miss reading until I started reading!  Few weeks ago, when we went on our vacation...I read 5 books! It was fabulous!
This may be TMI but I don't care...
I know you are wondering why I am posting a picture of my nearly empty freezer. Trust me..I am not crazy. Well maybe I am.   This is for people back in Utah. Guess what is gone?! That's right...no more breast milk! (The freezer was jam packed full of breast milk-I was a cow..moo!) I was worried about moving my freezer from Utah to Oregon. I didn't want to lose one ounce of milk. The picture below is how much breast milk I have left for Averie Jo. My pride and joy(hard work and sweat) is almost gone! Getting up two hours before I went to work and staying up late to pump was worth it!
(This is a old picture and this wasn't the fullest. :))
I remember one morning that my alarm clock died on me, woke up late, try to hurry, get ready, feed Averie and pumped. I pumped and knocked one of the bottles and lost a couple ounces. I got it all over my pants, I had to change my pants. Get Averie to daycare. I was pissed. Everything that could go wrong went wrong! My wonderful boss and co-worker was laughing at me while I am telling them my morning. She said something like welcome to motherhood or now you are one of us. I am so glad that only happened once.
Averie Jo is being a naughty girl when it come to eat dinner. She would eat dinner but sometimes she would move her arm to the side of the table and...drop the food for Diesel. Of course, Diesel is happy to pick up the food for Averie Jo. I have told her no, don't do it.....than she get a grin on her face.... She would do it over and over and over again! Tsk tsk.. naughty girl!
My OCD has kicked into a high gear. I can't stop cleaning or doing something. I cleaned my office, the pantry and Averie Jo's room and currently working on the garage. Josh think I am crazy. If you need help organizing something or make something. I would be more than happy to do an pinterest project or organize something for you! Call me! 
16 more days until we are in Utah! It is getting closer! We can't wait!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random facts about Averie Jo

When Averie Jo is tired, she prefer to be held.
Averie Jo is tall and has long arm that she can sometimes reach her food at the end of her high chair table.
Averie Jo make serious face when she is focusing on something such as playing with her toy or walking to somewhere.
Averie Jo doesn't like when mommy is cooking dinner, in fact she want to be in mommy's arm while she is cooking.
I use this while I'm cooking.
What are you doing mommy?
Averie Jo began to like to sit in your lap. Sometimes she sit on Diesel..sometimes on his face but hey...Diesel lets her. He is just a nice, loving furry brother!
It is hard to tell but she is sitting on his face.
Averie Jo LOVES to play/eat toilet paper! What is up with that? Does your child do this?
Averie Jo like to chew on cardboard too..something about paper she likes.
Averie Jo sometimes walk around with her hand on her forehead like she is going to faint. Still working getting a picture of that.
Averie Jo likes to suck/chew on the rim of the washer. Weird girl!
When Averie Jo started walking, she walk around like a mummy/zombie style with her arm up in the air. Now, she had more experience walking-she doesn't do so much of that.
Averie Jo is very ticklish-just like mommy!
Averie Jo likes to play peekaboo.
Averie Jo loves to play with Diesel's water. I think Diesel doesn't appreciate that.
Averie Jo rotate her bottle while she is drinking it-multitasking.
Averie Jo can wave and clap....when she wants to. You can't force her to!
Averie Jo loves to make noise, babbles, click her tongue, make bubbles, make fish face and say fafafafafafafafa...still working on getting her to say mama but of course daddy is working on getting her to say dada first!
Averie Jo now have allergies-just like mommy! Boo!
When Averie Jo cries, she get blotching red on her face...just like mommy...boo!
Earlier this week, Averie Jo had her first blood owie...:'( It was after our walk and I gave Diesel a ice cube to "cool" him off and he left a little puddle of water on the kitchen floor. Averie Jo step into, slip and fell forward and hit her mouth. She got a poufy lip.
Mommy thought a popsicle would make it better.
Averie Jo can open a drawer in the kitchen even through she shouldn't be able to but she can. She is strong!
Averie Jo like to go for a walk/bike ride(Mommy like to think so). Diesel LOVES to go for a walk. He gets MAD at mommy when we don't go.
I think it is pretty safe to say Averie Jo got mommy's personality! She still looks like Josh.
Helping mommy with the bedding.(She got one of the pillow cases)
I forgot to post this picture in the vacation post!
I think this is so stinkin' cute!
The restaurant host gave her a kiss...see the lipstick?
Love this outfit!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

11 months old!

Averie Jo is now 11 months old! Where did the time go?! She is growing up too fast for me! She is a big girl! She is 20 poundish and 29"  She now has seven teeth, walking everywhere, babbles a lot(working hard to get her to say mama! she end up say fafafafafa, not mama!) She love to eat anything. The purple tutu project is almost done! Just one more month. I can't believe she will be one next month. I got to start planning her birthday party!

No more picture mom!

I love you so much Averie Jo!