Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Halloween, Blessing and Christmas Tree

Averie- Ariel
Brenleigh- Strawberry

My 3 girls!

I love how Brenleigh is holding Addison's hand 

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving and we had Addison's blessing with our family. 

Setting up the Christmas Tree

Addison Jane Richardson's birth story October 23rd, 2016

Our sweet third girl, Addison Jane Richardson was born on October 23rd, 2016. She was 4 days late. My due date came and went by. Like every pregnant woman, I was impatiently waiting for her to make her appearance.  My doctor said lets schedule a induction which we did on the 22nd morning. I made arrangement for the girls to be with our friend. We dropped them off the night before so we didn't have to wake up the girls before we left. Right as we were getting ready for bed, we got a call from the hospital saying instead of coming in at 8am, you need to call because they are busy. I was little disappointed but hoping we can go in that morning. The next morning, we called and they told us don't come in and call us at 10am. We called at 10am and they said don't come in because we are still really busy. You can call again at noon and every 2 hours or wait until to come in the next morning. We don't think we will have you come in today. I was beyond pissed and very disappointed! Josh took me to lunch and a movie to keep my mind off it. We went to go visit the girls and trying to decide to take them home or leave them at our friend's house again. We decided to call the hospital to make sure we were still coming in the morning and they told us they want us to call instead of coming in. I was so mad! We decided to take the girls home because I figured we will be calling them every 2 hours tomorrow again. 

I set my alarm for the next morning and as I was getting up, I thought my water broke little bit but I was bleeding and started to have some contractions. We decided we should go to the hospital to get check out. We took our girls back to our friend's house and went to the hospital. We were put in the evaluation room and they told me I am dilated to a 4 which is a progress finally because I was dilated to a 2 for a whole month. My contractions was random. I would have it every 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes here and there. After few hours, they said they will admit me to watch the bleeding because I was bleeding more than I should be but need to wait for a room because they are really busy. They think I was bleeding because of the placenta position. At my 20 weeks check up, I found out I had placenta previa but it moved away from the cervix as I got further in my pregnancy which is a great thing.  After waiting few hours again, we finally got a room.

Once I got a room, my doctor wanted to give me pitocin to get my contractions closer. After few hours, my contractions were getting more closer and more painful. I got a walking epidural which means I can move my legs but not feel any pain. They broke my water and told me I am now dilated to a 5. About a hour, I was starting to feel my one of my contractions and the next one, I felt the whole contraction painfully. The walking epidural wore off like a cliff instead of gradually worn off. I told the nurse, I want my epidural, screw the walking epidural because I can feel every single contractions. They check me and told me that I am now dilated to a 10 and it is time to push. I told them I am NOT pushing until I get my epidural. My doctor said you may have to. As I was waiting for the Anesthesiologist to come in and give me the epidural. My doctor was gearing up and as he told me to push, my epidural just took effect just the nick of time! I only push for 8 minutes and Addison was born at 6:33pm. She weighs 8 pounds 15 ounces and is 20 3/4 inches long. She is my biggest baby ever! She got red hair. I am hoping she will keep her red hair. She is such a good baby!

We didn't have a name for Addison until the day after she was born. We had a name list when we went to the hospital. Right after she was born, the name Addison pop in my head. I wanted to wait until she had a bath and have time to really think about what name fit her. Addison Jane fits perfect for her. Averie and Brenleigh met her the next day and they just love her so much. Brenleigh REALLY loves her because she wants to give Addison a million kisses a day and won't leave her alone. I can't even leave her alone for one second!

I want to thank you Malea and Wayne for watching my girls when I had Addison. I really appreciate everything you have done for us!

Dr. Chu is the best! 

I love Averie Jo's face! 

Brenleigh was so so done with pictures..