Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 10

64/365 Matchie toenails

65/365 Favorite "Electronic" toy...(all day long I hear e-i-e-i-o from it) 

66/365 Fur in the air!

67/365 Swinging with Stella

68/365 Jumping for Joy

69/365 Outdoorie

70/365 Free Spirit

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fur, fur and fur!

Josh decided it was time to brush Diesel. It was long overdue. He had bunch of fur sticking out. Every time we brush him, we can make a sweater out of his fur. Diesel HATES to be brush and we always have to tie him down. Averie Jo was having a blast playing with Diesel's fur and tried to eat them but they didn't taste so  good!

P.S. Don't mind Miss Averie with no pant. She is wearing her third outfit of the day because she kept peeing out so much! She was extra thirsty!

 She is biting the fur of of the floor! 

Brushing her hair

I love Diesel's look...like seriously? 

Try to eat more fur.

Oh...it doesn't taste good...


Brushing Diesel- helping Daddy.

Oh..nice kiss from Diesel

Tossing the fur in the air! 

I love her face expression! 

Sunshine = park time!

The weather has been so nice that we went to the park two days in a row and probably more! I couldn't wait for it because Averie Jo is finally at that age where she can climb, go down the slide herself and more!


Averie Jo loves to play with the barks(?), pick them up and let go.

She wanted to sit in it so she did but change her mind two seconds later. 

She was waving bye bye to the car that drove by.

Putting dirt on herself.

She had so much dirt in her shoes! I had to dump it out before we went back to the house. 

We went to another park the next day and Averie Jo loves this slide. She prefer this over the other slides at the park. Of course, she want to climb up and go down by herself which she did! 

 Airborne! She always landed on her butt because she is doing down the slide fast!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Week 9!

57/365 Feet

58/365 (Favorite) Toy

59/365 Where I relax  

60/365 Diesel

61/365 Running from Daddy

62/365 Selfie  (It is difficult to take a picture of myself on my camera!)

63/365 Cinnamon Roll

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Miss Averie Jo

Miss Averie Jo's personality is coming out more and more every day! She is sooooo me! She is almost 20 months old!

When we put Averie Jo down for a nap or for the night- she insist that you put her in the corner of her crib. If you don't do it just right, she will push herself more into the corner. She ALWAYS have her head in the corner. Of course, her blanket is on her face 90% of the time.

She like to fake sneeze. It is so cute to watch her!

For the past month, every single morning Averie Jo check her bellybutton. She can also find your bellybutton with no problem! Just watch out for her to jam her finger in it!

She loves to feed Diesel every morning and evening! I still have to watch her so she doesn't steal any food. She does every once a while.

Averie Jo loves her spoon and fork. She prefer insist to have them for every single meal. She is getting better at feeding herself with her silverware. She LOVES any type of dips! She will throw a fit until you give her the dip and she is an happy camper!

She also now can lock mommy out of the backyard too- in fact she locked me out twice in one day. Luckily, she was in a good mood and unlock the door for mommy.

She is still a screamer...unfortunately

She is a drinkcoholics. I now put more water than juice in her cup. If I don't put enough juice in it, she will throw her drink. She knows it!  She can drink the whole cup within 5-10 minutes easily.

She loves her baby Stella. Pretty much every morning she go and gets her baby.

She still love Super Why! She watch it when I am doing chores around the house or cooking dinner. If the show is over, she will go get the remote and try to put the next episode on. Luckily she haven't figure out how to do that.

Averie's new thing with the TV remotes is taking the lid off of the batteries. So annoying! I now have to put them on the counter, away from her.

Averie Jo like to help do laundry which she pull clothes out for me to put in the dryer.

Averie Jo like to give you a hug under your arms, not above!

She saw herself in the camera screen. :)

Averie Jo HATES go grocery shopping. So does mommy....:( The store knows her. In fact, one time I went to the store by myself and the cashier lady said where is your little girl?   It is a glory heaven trip when I go by myself.

This happen pretty much every single time.

Random pictures

Silly girl!

I just love this picture of Miss Averie Jo. 

"You make me happy"- So true! 

I just love Averie Jo so much!