Friday, May 29, 2015

Brenleigh's 5 months old and Averie Jo's 2 1/2ish update...

Oh my sweet Brenleigh! I can't believe you are 5 months old. You are a rolling machine! You started rolling a week after you turned 4 months old and haven't stop. You started rolling the hard way, not the easy way. It took you a little bit to roll the other way. Since you started rolling, you now prefer to sleep on your stomach even through I lay you down on your back every time. I had to get a crib bumper for you because your chubby legs would get stuck between the railing. It was long week waiting for the bumper! You are Miss Grabby and like to touch everything you can. I love love your sweet smile and it lights up the room. You are slowing getting better and sitting up with help. You love your bouncer and began to stand in it a lot lately. I love your chubby chin and legs. I can't wait for summer to see your legs a lot more. You love to eat your toes! You are my happy and calm baby and I am very thankful for you! You are still not sleeping through the night but I do look forward for that day.

just a serious face! It took a little bit to get her smile.

Notice she doesn't have a headband...thanks to Daddy who takes it off! 

Update on wild Averie Jo-

She can now open the fridge. ugh...I am NOT a fan of it. She likes to open the fridge like 20 thousand times a day..well not really but a lot! Every time she open it, she get a yogurt, orange or apple and want to eat it right now!  I am trying to get her not to open and only mommy and daddy can get it.

Not only she can open the fridge door but she can now open her bedroom door! Her door handle is little tricky to open it so every day is a surprise when she gets up from her nap and come out because I can't hear walking behind or I'm doing something.

I have been trying to get one on one time with Averie. I am trying to establish a routine for Brenleigh with her nap and it is hit and miss. She needs to have 2 naps a day but it doesn't always happened I feel guilty when I do something with one of the girls and the other is not the center of the attention.

I have been struggling trying to find simple activities for Averie. I like to do craft stuff and can come up with ideas but when I do think of activities, it is too difficult for her. I even looked on Pinterest but then I have hard time to start the activity and I don't know why. This is something I need to work on.

Averie Jo is so sweet to Brenleigh and can't wait for her to wake up from her nap or in the morning. She loves to give kisses and hug. She will surprise me and say I got Brenleigh! I hurry look over to her and she got Brenleigh on her lap. She rolled Brenleigh into her lap and once she is done, she roll her back on the floor. She doesn't do it with lots of kindness or tender but so far Brenleigh is fine.

We fixed up the sandbox and Averie Jo LOVES it. She always wants me to come out and sit next to her in the sandbox. It started to raining not too long after we fixed up the sandbox and Averie Jo has been dying to go back outside and the weather is finally started to be warmer. This momma needs summer and so does Averie.

Averie is still obsessed with Curious George and ask daily if she can watch it but she also have a new favorite show which is Sofia, the first. Averie can't say Sofia/Sophia. I tried to get her to say it but she would say Sophie! She have a cousin named Sophia so we are working on how to say her name but no luck at the moment.

She stole her friend's hat at a BBQ

She said she need sunscreen....of course it was after her bath!

Don't mind her wild crazy hair-I had her hair in cute ponytails but she insisted taking out so she can put her helmet on! She put her helmet shortly after I took the pictures.

As I was taking her pictures, she grabbed my phone and said I take pictures too! She took like 20 pictures. She is just a copycat! She literally do everything I do. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I had time one day while Averie was napping and I was actually dressed for the day( I rarely get dress for the day-I am all about comfy clothes and mostly ponytail). I just love my girls so much! 

Averie began to wear her sunglasses a lot more now and I love how it looks on her!

I fixed up the sandbox and I am so glad we did cuz Averie loves it and play in it every single day.

She still love Frozen!

I couldn't resist this picture. Who doesn't love a butt picture?

Averie is a pretty good big sister. In the morning when Averie gets up at crack of dawn, she can't wait for Brenleigh to get up. She will ask me every 5 minutes if Brenleigh is awake yet? As soon she hear Brenleigh make a noise, she said Brenleigh is awake! Lets go get her! She will say Hi sweetstar! I didn't realize at first that I would say Hi sweetheart to Brenleigh every morning until Averie says it.

Last week, when it was raining, Averie kept saying she wants to go swimming. We told her that we got to wait for summer to come and she couldn't understand that it can't come right now. She wouldn't drop it and kept saying I want to go swimming! After a while, we gave up and said okay, you can go "swimming" and go find some puddle to jump in. 

 Averie was so excited to show me that she put her cell inside her pantline just like me when I don't have pocket. The past month I realize how much she copycat me on EVERYTHING. She is like a sponge that absorb everything 

Pepperoni girl! She is silly!  

She put playdoh in her ears and it was a blast from the past with my old pink hearing aids.

We went to a dairy farm with the preschool class and it was SO much fun! This cow below just gave birth before we got there. 

Averie had to sit down on the wood because the lady did. Copycat girl...

Daddy and Brenleigh chilling

Few weeks ago, Josh had a weekend off which is a miracle and it rarely happens so we took advantage and went up to Bend for the day. We went to the bouncing house, pirate park and shopping. We had a great time! 

The other day I made moon sand for Averie Jo. She had lots of fun! It is SUPER messy and she told me she made a mess while I was feeding Brenleigh. I told her just try to keep it in the pan and the next thing I knew, she got the broom out and try to sweep it. Bless her little heart but it just make the mess 20x worse. 

Brenleigh will be 5 months old tomorrow so there will be another post soon with her tutu.