Thursday, October 31, 2013

26 on 26

This year was my lucky birthday because I turn 26 on the 26th. I signed up a 10k on my birthday. Why did I do that? I still don't know. I started training myself after I got back from Utah the end of August. I originally was going to sign up for a 5k. I had just about two months worth of training. I ran few times a weeks for few weeks. I actually did a 5k and decided I should push myself and do the 10k. I realized I need some type of program to tell me how many miles I should run.  A friend of mine gave me a website link to help train myself such as run this many miles on this day and so on forth.  I follow the program pretty religiously. There was one or two times I didn't run. Sometimes I had great runs and bad runs. I hate bad runs and I think about why am I doing this?! The most I ran before the race was 5 miles. When I ran five miles, it was a great run and I felt like I could do more.

The race I signed up was the Monster Dash, we got dressed up. Our theme was 80s aerobic instructor. Before the race, a bunch of us got together and make our costume.

I was pretty nervous before the race. We didn't run until 11am which I felt like it took forever to get 11am. The group sang happy birthday and show me their "warm up" dance which was great!

I was told weeks before the race that there was hills and halfway through the race there is a steep hill which scared the crap out of me because I haven't train on any hills whatsoever! Around me is flat, I didn't want to drive to a hill just to run. It wasn't worth to me and not fair to Diesel. Boy, Diesel sure does like to go running with me. He always have so much energy! He would get tired but never tired enough for me to drag him home. I finally reach Diesel's tiredness which is running after 4 miles. I was so surprised that I actually had to drag him home at the end of the run. He was pooped and lay around for the rest of the day.

My goal for the 10k was 1 hour and 30 minutes but hoping to do around 1:15-1:20. I gave myself extra time because of the hills. We finally started the race, at the beginning we already got separated through the crowd. I debated whither to find them or just go run. I decided to just go run(Sorry guys!) My goal was to run as much I can and only do walking on the hills. As I got closer to the halfway point, I was trying to figure out which hills was the "hill". Man! They were steep! I walked a little bit a hill and hoping it was the "hill" but it wasn't! I was mad at myself and told myself to move on and keep running. I walk again on the "hill" and the rest of the way was a breeze because it was pretty much all downhill.

My time was 59:52! I did MUCH better than I thought and I was so excited! After all, it is my lucky birthday! We all went to Texas Roadhouse and had lunch. They make me sit on the saddle. :)  Josh, Averie and I went to the Pumpkin Patch and got two pumpkins for ourselves. Averie already had a pumpkin for herself that we got few weeks ago. It is a nice Pumpkin Patch. They had goats and mini ponies which Averie Jo got her very first pony ride! She loves it and wanted more! She was mad when I took her off of the pony. We went home and had a relaxing evening.

I had a great birthday and thank you for all the presents and birthday wishes! I feel so loved!
Showing me their warm up dance
Before race picture
Close to the finish line 
Josh didn't get a picture of Angela because she was too fast for him!
All done! Yay!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trunk or Treat

We went to the Trunk or Treat at our church which was really fun! We had chili, cornbread and cupcake. It was yummy. Averie Jo was a strawberry which Great Aunt Susie bought it for her. After dinner, someone gave Averie Jo a shot of energy because she was all over the place, dancing to the music, throwing a small pumpkin around and even went to a stranger and sat in his lap. It is great that Averie Jo is friendly but at the same time it is scary! We went trunk or treat and got some treats. Some of the people decorate their cars which was darling. Also there was an "invisible" car too.
Lilly and Averie Jo

Mom and Dad's trip in KF

My parents came up here and visit us for 5 days. It was too short but we had lots of fun with them! My mom has been talking getting a curler for Averie Jo so she bought some and gave it to her. I didn't think she will keep it in hair long enough to make a curl. It was one of the firsts thing she did when they got here. Averie Jo actually kept it in her hair!
(Btw-I got a super awesome camera for my birthday-beware there are LOTS of pictures!)

View Kellie's curl.jpg in slide show
Does she look darling?! The other picture is me with one curl. :)
Averie Jo had reading time with grandma and papa.

The next day, we decided to use more curlers.

 She is unsure of herself.
Fluff my hair grandma!

Josh had the day off so we went to Ashland and check out the town.

We had lunch, walk up and down the street, checking out the shops and found a park.

Averie Jo want to touch the ducks.
(I am a newbie on the camera and playing with the camera and Picasa. So don't judge too harshly.  )



Swing time with daddy and grandma.

Went down the slide with daddy, grandma and papa. She loves the slide!

I think these pictures above is funny! Sticking out her tongue.
Grandma took this -I love her expression.

This is one of my favorite pictures!

We play a couple games which I was super excited because Josh doesn't like to play with me. For the record, Josh won the last game. Good job honey!

See Averie is trying to get the cinnamon jelly beans? She LOVES them!
The next day we went for a hike/walk over by the lake.

I asked my dad to bring up his saw thing to cut out picture frame on thin wood.

The next day we went to Crater Lake- the gov't shutdown was finally over.

Averie Jo just want to run around, eat snow, dirt and rocks.
We decided to have some Halloween pictures before they left.

We went out to dinner for my early birthday. We had so much fun with them and of course it went by too fast! They left early Sunday morning and Averie Jo went into their room to find them after she got up. :(