Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Formal announcing we are having baby #3!

When I was in Utah, I was pointed out that I haven't announce my pregnancy on my blog. So here is it! Josh and I are so excited that we are having another child join our family in October. I, of course had to do the weekly pictures. Here is the pictures so far. I felt like I show a lot sooner.... like a lot freaking too soon! I was amazed how quickly I was showing and was worry that someone was going to figure out before we announce it. I was wearing loose shirts, hiding my stomach.  I am feeling great with this pregnancy and it was the longest wait before we told our family. We planned to go to Utah in April for Josh's birthday and it turn out it was perfect timing to announce to our family. I was almost 14 weeks long at the time. Every day was a torture for me until the day we can finally tell our family. To say the least, everybody was in SHOCKED! They were not expecting but was so excited for us! 

Poor Brenleigh, she has no idea what is coming later this year! It will be a hard time for her because she is a big time mama's girl! 

We have a gender reveal tradition. We find out by eating/cutting in a cupcake what we are having. Luckily, we have a friend here who is an amazing baker! I am drooling just think about the frosting! I told her she can do whatever she want to do and she did a fabulous job!  

It is a.....girl! We are so lucky to have another girl joining our family. 

I regret not taking any cupcakes with me on the road to Utah! 

I am currently working on the baby girl's blanket, crib skirt and room. We haven't talk about names yet because I know it will be very difficult(Josh is VERY picky with names). If you have any names-feel free to pass along to us! 

Trip to Utah

The girls and I went to Utah for a long last vacation before I have the baby. It was so so good for my soul and so fun to see everybody. We miss everybody dearly and it went by too fast for us. I was better this time about taking pictures than last trip to Utah. Lola is so sweet and grow so fast! 

Brenleigh LOVES to give Lola a kiss and a hug, a kiss and a hug, a kiss and a hug..over and over.

We went visit Great Grandma White and Averie loves to water the flowers for her. 

Aunt Susie helping Brenleigh

I love her sweet face!

It was hard to get a picture of them because Brenleigh was so grumpy! 

Love this picture with Aunt Susie

I watched Sophia one day and she was an easy, happy baby-well.. I guess I should say a toddler! 

I love her expression faces. 

Ta Da! She was showing me she can climb on it. 

This is the best picture I got of the girls by myself. It was difficult to say the least. 

We went to Wheeler's farm and check out the animals. 

Look at those baby goats! 

We decided that every time we come back to Utah, we are going to take a picture of the girls in Steph's backyard(I love her fence!) to show the progress of the girls growing up. Next picture we will take will be after baby girl is born! 

Play with the water.

The kids were in a good mood for pictures! Glad we got a good one. 

We already miss everybody! We can't wait to see you again later this year.