Friday, January 30, 2015

Week 51

353/365 I am looking for my my...-This is how Miss Averie Jo look for something.

354/365 Daddy and his girls-yes, Brenleigh is crying and Averie couldn't care less about picture and eating chips!

355/365- Shark!  My cousin gave Averie a big sister gift which is finger animal puppets. She LOVES them! We have been playing "Shark" all week long which Averie chasing us around the house and get us!  She would tell me or Josh "run, run run!" with her arm swinging for us to go.

356/365 Brenleigh's one month old tutu!

357/365 Snuggling with Daddy

358/365 Miss bright eye!

359/365- Miss Averie Jo LOVES noodles and that is how she eat them. She put them in her hand and shovel in her mouth. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Brenleigh Paige Richardson's birth story-December 27th, 2014

I am going to start a month before I had sweet Brenleigh Paige...

When I was week 36, the doctor started checking me and see where I am at. I was dilated to almost a 3 which didn't surprised me because I dilated early with Averie but I was still 5 days past my due date when I had Averie. Little stinker!

The next following week, I had a weird day. I was having some contractions and Braxton Hicks. I thought my water broke but I wasn't sure. Josh told me to  call the doctor to be on the safe side so I did and they wanted me to go to the hospital. It turned out I just peed my pants.....how embarrassing... I was still dilated to the same for two weeks.

Week 38- I made tiny progressed which I was official dilated to a 3. I was having Braxton Hicks as usual. My doctor stripped my membranes which actually hurt. I had my membranes stripped with Averie and it didn't hurt at all. Of course, stripping my membranes didn't do a darn thing!

Week 39 which is Christmas week- I was dilated to a 4. I was hoping Brenleigh wouldn't come on Christmas day! I told my doctor that I am crossing my legs this week!  On Christmas Eve- I felt like I went and rode 500 miles bike ride. I was super sore and can tell that Brenleigh dropped down more. I felt like this until I had Brenleigh. We made it through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which I am very thankful.

The day after Christmas, Josh and I took down Christmas decoration, clean the house and went grocery shopping  I was determined to have Christmas down so I wouldn't have to deal with it just in case Brenleigh decide to come early which ended up be the case! We just had a normal day, put Averie down for the night and we were watching Big Bang Theory. We were on Big Bang Theory marathon.  I was laying on the couch and Brenleigh was moving like crazy for about a hour. I moved over to my side and I felt like I peed my pant(It was about 10:30 pm).  I ran to the bathroom and change my pant. As I was walking back to the living room,  I am peeing my pant again but this time I was pretty sure my water broke. I had to change my pants three times! It wouldn't stop leaking.

I called the nurse and talked to her. She said go to the hospital. I had 4 people on my  "To call" list to watch Averie. I called all 4 people and nobody answer it! I started to freaking out a little bit but luckily one of them call me back quickly. Josh and I took Averie to our friend's house and she was NOT happy when we left her. As we were driving to the hospital, I started to have contractions (at 11:20 pm on the dot) and they were coming every 5 minutes.

We got check in the hospital after they determined that my water did break and dilated to a 5. I was asking the doctor on call about the epidural and I would like to have it soon. My contractions were getting more painful. She told me that the Anesthesiologist called her before we got to the hospital and said he is going into surgery and it will be a long surgery so there is a chance you may have to do natural but I will call and see where he is at. I was in shocked but I haven't even thought about not having the option to have an epidural. He is the only Anesthesiologist! I was so hoping that I wouldn't have to do natural! The doctor on call left to go call and they move me to another room and the doctor on call came in the room and said she just caught him just in time and he will be here soon to give you the epidural before he goes to surgery. I was beyond THRILLED! I told her that I could kiss the Anesthesiologist when he come in!  My contractions were getting more painful each time. I had a lot more contractions with Brenleigh than I ever did with Averie and they were more painful! Contractions are definitely more painful after the water breaks.

The Anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural. It was a different experience/feeling with the epidural compared with Averie. With Averie, I was numb very quickly and couldn't even move my legs at all. With Brenleigh, it took like 20 minutes to get the full effect of the epidural and I was still able to move my legs! My doctor came in and talked to me. She said that the epidural is pushing my contractions little far apart- like 7 minutes. She said she would like to give me a little bit of pitocin to push my contractions closer. I told her, I couldn't care less what she wants to do-I got my epidural!  The nurse gave me little bit of pitocin and she told me that I was having 3 contractions within 5 minutes. I started to feel pressure "down there" which was new to me. I never feel any pressure with Averie whatsoever! They checked me and I was dilated to a 8.  I asked the nurse when she think I will have Brenleigh. She said I bet you will have her by 4 am. They checked me again maybe 15 minutes later and I was dilated to a 10 and ready to push! I pushed for about 15 minutes and Brenleigh Paige was born at 3:30 am!

After Brenleigh was born, I said she is small! Josh said she isn't THAT small! lol She was 8 pounds and 4 oz. 19.25 inches long- my smallest baby ever! My labor was literally cut in half compared with Averie. 4 hours labor isn't bad at all! I am thankful for short labor and everything went well. I am extra thankful for epidural! Brenleigh is perfect! Recovery was MUCH better compared with Averie. It is like day and night! I was ready to go out of the house when Brenleigh was about a week old.

Josh is VERY thankful that I had Brenleigh on December 27th, 2014 which is a Saturday because he was worry for months because he didn't want me to go in labor going to Medford on December 28th to go pick up my mom from the airport since I had a decent quick labor with Averie. He had me check out the hospitals in Medford just in case. I told Josh I am going with you to go get my mom. I don't think he would let me since I was already dilated to a 4. He kept saying I don't want you have Brenleigh on the side of the road and even told his sister Steph to be on call just in case that happened!  I told him I would rather have Brenleigh in Medford than you miss the birth! It works out well that Josh didn't even to worry about it anymore! I was able to go home on Sunday, the day my mom got here and she was here for almost two weeks! Thanks mom for coming up! It was wonderful to have you here and help!

Brenleigh will be a month old tomorrow! Almost time to do another tutu picture. Time really do go by so fast! She loves to snuggle on my chest and I am taking advantage of it(She is snuggling my chest as I am typing this)! She is definitely more mellow than Averie which I am totally okay with it. She sleep great at night! The first night we got home-I would wake up and realized it was been like 4-5 hours since she ate last! I was shocked! I had to wake her up every 3 hours until the doctor gave me the okay to let her sleep and she can wake up when she wants to eat. Last night was her longest stretch ever! 8 1/2 hours! It was heaven!  Averie was up every two hours for seven or eight weeks before she started sleeping through the night.

It is crazy to think I am a mom of two girls! A family of 4!  Josh is very lucky to have a house full of girls. ;)

Week 50

346/365- One morning I was getting ready for the day. Averie Jo had to go potty so we took her footie pj off to go on the potty. She refused to put her pj back on and was watching Curious George on the kindle while rocking on the rocking chair. Silly girl!

347/365 Brenleigh loves to snuggle on my chest. It is one of the best feelings in the world. I am taking advantage of it! 

348/365 Miss Averie Jo got a Frozen dress from great aunt and uncle. She LOVES it and ask daily if she can wear it!

349/365 Poor Miss Averie Jo- she was sick while we had the Richardsons and Williams in town. I am very thankful that they were here to help me with Averie. It would be a hard week for me without them but I feel bad that they had to deal with her sickness. Hopefully Miss Averie Jo learned her lesson to NOT eat any diaper cream! 

350/365 Grandpa Richardson and Brenleigh taking a nap. 

351/365 Miss Averie Jo couldn't resist to not paint her fingers!

352/365 The Richardsons and Williams! 

It was a fun week with the Richardsons and Williams! I am glad they were able to come up and visit us and meet Brenleigh. It was a practice round for Steph and Jordan with Brenleigh. Brenleigh just knows that Jordan need some practice so she save pretty much almost all of her blowouts just for Jordan. Jordan is now a pro! You guys will be a great parents and we can't wait for Baby Sophia to come!