Friday, September 26, 2014

Week 33

226/365 Sweet little Laurel-I got a opportunity to take newborn pictures which I am thankful for. 

227/365 Mommy and daughter-I tired to get pictures of us together but not often enough! 

228/365 I love seeing her in her underwear instead of diaper! She was in the process of jumping off the little step.

229/365- 26 weeks! This week, I am realizing that I am getting closer to 30 weeks! Where did the time go? I made big progress in the Baby B's room. Starting tomorrow we are switching Averie into the big girl bed! Wish us good luck! 

230/365 Broccoli! She can't get enough of it!

231/365 Rain, rain and rain! Yesterday, we had a huge downpour for 5-10 minutes.

232/365 "Let it go" books. Miss Averie Jo got "Frozen" underwears and books(plus treats!) from Grandma and Grandpa Richardson for doing so well with potty training. She loves the movie and one day while we were eating dinner, Averie started singing Let it go out of nowhere! Ever since she got the books, she read them every single day and called them the "Let it go" books

Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 32

219/365 I just love her so much even through she drives me crazy sometimes!

220/365- Shoes-she can put these shoes on by herself! 

221/365 Sometimes the Kindle save my life. Lately, she has been watching her PBS show while I take a shower. She will sit on my bed and watch it. I can see her on my bed while I shower. I know she isn't doing something she is not suppose to do. She LOVES my Kindle. Once you say the word Kindle- NOTHING will stop her from getting it even potty. 

222/365 Week 25- 15 weeks to go! I need to chop chop on the baby's room. 

223/365 Just chilling(This isn't the best picture-it is from my cell phone)

224/365 Yesterday, I painted Averie's nails and it was kind of a nightmare. At first, she let me painted one hand and than refused to let me painted her other hand because she doesn't understand that this type of paint that she isn't allowed to do it herself. I gave up. She wanted to watch Tarzan again for the 3rd time in two days. I had it with her meltdown so I let her watch it. Few minutes later, I asked her do you want me to paint the rest of your nails. She said yes and let me paint them while she sat on the couch.  
When she cried, her face get red spots all over her face like her mama unfortunately. 
Ta-Da! They looked much better after I cleaned it up-I promise! 

225/365 First day of preschool! She refused to hold the sign or stand up for pictures. She had a blast at preschool! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 31

212/365 We went to the Tulelake fair. It was our very first big out since Averie is potty trained. She did great!

213/365 Painting! 

214/365 Feeding Stella some toast. Averie is really taken Stella to heart. Stella goes whatever Averie goes.  

215/365 24 weeks! 

216/365 I love her smile!


217/365 It is still summer even through it is September. I am loving it but actually looking forward to fall because it would be closer to have baby #2!

218/365 Miss little momma taking Stella potty. She feed, give her kisses, take a nap with her and take her to potty. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 30

205/365 Wax Warmer! I know it isn't a cool picture but I was so excited to get one and have the house smell awesome! I went crazy on the waxes that I need a box to hold all of them in! It is now pretty much on all the time since I am pretty much home all the time.

206/365 Fall crafts!  What in the world would I do without Pinterest?!  I decided I want more holiday/seasons decorations. (I am in my crafty mode mood again!) The trick is that I want to be able to use it again in a different house but have no idea what kind of house we will be in next. It was tricky enough to get Averie to do all three crafts at once.  Thank goodness for Daddy to help us.

207/365 Potty training! We official started potty training. Averie Jo has done amazing well with potty training. She catch on literally toward the end of day 1. This mama is scared to take her places now she is potty trained. One step a time. 
(This is how I got this picture- Do you need to go potty? Yeah! We go to the bathroom and Averie Jo took her short and underwear off. She gets on the toilet. I got my camera out. She said book! book! (Half of the time, I read her a book so she can stay on the toilet long enough to go potty) She gets off and I am trying to take a picture of her while on the toilet. I tell her sit on the toilet! I will read you a book in a second. She gets off the toilet at least 5 times before I got a quick picture. Yes, I did read her "Where's Spot?" book. I now know the book by heart. I can't even tell you how many times I read it this week. She LOVES it!)

208/365 Week 23- I am now feeling the effect of back aching toward the end of the day. This is a new thing for me. I literally had no pregnancy issue/effect with Averie Jo. Baby #2- for sure- little bit morning sickness(not lately) and back aching! My belly get bigger every day. Averie Jo understand there is a baby in my belly. She would said hi and blow raspberry on my belly. 

209/365 Baby #2 quilt! The color is coral, gray and teal. I can't wait to do her room. 

210/365 Dirty! (Yes, she does have a underwear on) She LOVES to play with the dirt! 

211/365 Is she gorgeous?! I know I am little biased. Noticed she is wearing her swimsuit. After her nap, she was playing outside. She came running in, took of her underwear and short. I thought she need to go potty. Nope! She went to her room and pull out her swimsuit. She tried to put on her swimsuit, that didn't go so well. I helped her and turn the sprinkler on. She didn't care for the sprinkler. She just want to wear her swimsuit. 

Today, I am thankful for nap and goodies. I was ready for her to go down about 30-45 minutes before she went down. She was getting my nerves! Thank goodness for M&M's while I was working on this post. We were using M&M's for potty training but on the second day, Averie Jo pretty much forgot about it and didn't ask for it. So, we have a big bag of M&M's. I need to hide it from my hubby so he doesn't eat it all. The chance of him reading this post is slim. Honey..if you are reading this- I love you and the M&M's is pretty much gone! :) 

P.S. I just realized today that I am over halfway through my 365 project. All I have to say thank goodness! This will be one and only 365 project I will ever do in my life!