Saturday, February 28, 2015

Purple/Coral tutu


1 month

 2 months

Just looking at Averie's purple tutu pictures- wow, I was a terrible picture taker! It shows me how much I grow and learn photography.  Thanks Jessica for the idea to compared both girls.


Adjusting from one girl to two girls was easier than I thought. There are days that are more handful than others. I am now back to the basic needs-shower and eat! I am getting the hang of it. I am thankful for the freezer meals that Josh and I did few months ago. It make it so much easier for me!

Now, I have two girls, I am definitely not taking as many pictures(on my camera) as I want to. I do worry that I am not taking enough pictures of Brenleigh. I do feel guilty...

Brenleigh is now in size one diaper and no longer wearing her newborn clothes! I am so sad she is growing up so fast! I forgot how much diaper newborn go through- holy crap! Brenleigh is a great sleeper. She usually get up once in the middle of the night and go right back to sleep. She goes to bed between 8pm-9pm and get up between 4am-5am. My only wish is that she would go to bed later like 10 so she can sleep through the whole night but I will take just getting up once.

I am so much more forgetful since I had Brenleigh. Josh would look at me like seriously? You don't remember or you forgot? I give Josh a lot of crap on things he forget but I can't do that anymore... My brain cells are disappearing. Sometimes I am amazed how forgetful I am because I used to remember EVERYTHING.

Poor Averie-Spring need to get here like NOW! She wants to go outside so bad but it is still too cold! She is overdue for playtime and can't wait to play with Eli!  She is adjusting to big sister very well! She loves to give Brenleigh kisses and hugs. She doesn't care for holding her very often.

I swear Averie Jo has been extra whining for a solid week and I can't understand a single word when she is whining which drives me nuts! She gets mad when I can't understand and therefore she whines some more! Ugh...

I swear like 90% of the time when I am breastfeeding Averie is like Oh! It is the perfect time to go poop! It is difficult to multi-tasking! Not easy at all.

My office/craft room looks like someone robbed and messed up the room. I had  like 500 projects going on at once. No, just few projects. I miss doing projects. It is like a itch. It feels good to scratch the itch and wanted to scratch more and more. That is how I feel about my projects. I just want to do more and more!

I was asked by my mother and sister in law to make my niece a blessing dress out of my mother in law's wedding dress. I thought about it for a day or two. I told them that I would be happy to make it as long they don't kill me if it doesn't turn out very well because I have never made a dress in my life! I feel very honored they asked me to! It turned out they didn't like the wedding dress material so they want to use my mother in law's temple dress. The pressure was on! During the middle of the night-I came up with one of the greatest idea ever! Make a practice dress before I do the real one. It was a darn good thing I did so I can learn from my mistakes!  When I actually started on the real dress- I was literally holding my breath until I finish it because I was nervous! I ended up staying up 1 am mostly finish the dress to satisfy me that I can get a good night sleep and I finished the zipper and sewing flowers on it the next day. I am very happy the way the dress turn out! I can't believe I made a dress!

My sweet little niece Sophia was born on February 6th. Just over 11 weeks early. Even through she was born super early, she is doing really well and it changed my plans on when to come to Utah. I wasn't planning until the end of March but now I am going the beginning of March and pretty much stay for the whole month. I can't wait to meet my niece! We are going to bless Brenleigh in Utah while we are there.  This gave me less time to complete all my projects. I work my butt off and completed all my projects. Some projects took a whole heck longer than I expected but it is done! I can't wait to show/give to people. Most of them are gifts.

Averie Jo has been getting up at crack of dawn lately! Like between 6-7. Ugh.. I am so SO not a big fan of it. Why Averie?  Why can't you sleep in like you used to? It got to the point where I am closing her door(She can't open her door) and I set my alarm for 7:30 to get up.

Brenleigh started to smile for real this month and it has been so fun to see her smile!

When Averie Jo like a movie, she wants to watch it over and over again until we convince her to watch a different movie but she will want to watch the new movie over and over again! At the moment, the movie of the week or month is The Wild Thornberrys. She will do the same thing with the book. We read a book to her every night before bed and nap time too. For a long time, it was Old McDonald. I know this book by heart. The book she is obsessed with is Clifford's First Christmas book.  I am so ready for her to move on to a different book. I tried to convince her but she will just throw a fit until she gets Clifford's Christmas Tree(that is what she called it).

Averie Jo is growing up so fast! One day, she put a ball in the speaker box which she shouldn't have done. She asked daddy to help and get the ball out. Daddy couldn't get it out. He was trying to figure out what to use to get it. He got a butter knife. Averie Jo had to go get a one for herself to help. Not only she got a one butter knife but two and a spoon. She was running back and forth to the kitchen and the living room. The knife didn't work. Daddy decided to get a wire hanger. Averie Jo went to her room and go her plastic hanger! She also got her feather which is about a foot long to try dig it out.  She is just so darn smart! They finally got it out and....Averie put the ball back in! Little stinker! She just want to get the ball out herself.

Diesel is SO good with the girls! He likes to give kisses.

One day I was using the baby carrier while I was on the elliptical. Brenleigh wouldn't let me her down long enough and I was determine to get on the elliptical. I took the carrier off after I was done. Later the day, Averie is trying to put the carrier on herself. I helped her and she wanted me to put Brenleigh in it! I told her no, you can't carry Brenleigh. She is too big for you. She was mad!
  She threw a fit and eventually gave up and was okay to put her own baby in it. She wore it for a hour straight with her baby.

I love her face expressions.

I was dying of the pink/matching outfits but Averie Jo wasn't having it!

Averie Jo loves to help with anything. She got the mitts and wanted to help take dinner out of the oven(She didn't).

Averie Jo is so sweet to Brenleigh. She loves to give kisses and hugs to Brenleigh. It is hard to get a picture in action! 

One of the rare moments of Averie holding Brenleigh. 

Averie blowing bubbles at the V-Day party. She had lots of fun!

One day, we were going to run errands. Averie wanted to take the baby car seat and stroller. Um..no, not going to happen. I told her she can take one thing and she picked the bear.

Mommy...can you let me out? I am all done with my nap..

Averie Jo got Frozen matching game and she LOVES it! She will find the two cards that match and scream  "IT IS A MATCH!"

Brenleigh like to snuggle on my chest. As I took this picture, Averie made loud noise and this is Brenleigh's reaction. 

Um..what should I ask?

Josh and I are trying to decide what color of hair Brenleigh have. In the sunlight, you can see red. I wouldn't mind having a redhead! It is like brown hair with some red. We will have to see.

Her smile!

I love this picture of Daddy and Averie

Daddy and Brenleigh sleeping. (Josh doesn't even know I took this picture)

We went for a walk and Brenleigh was crying. Averie was trying to help her calm down. Is she a great big sister?!

Brenleigh's two months old pictures. She did much better than her one month session.

This is all I have for this month. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week 52- The end of the 365 project!

361/365- Mommy and Averie- Miss Averie loves to push my wireless remote button for my camera.

362/365 Brenleigh Paige- my sweet mellow baby

363/365 Miss Averie Jo can be a stinker but she is so sweet!

364/365- Mommy and Brenleigh- I am trying to includes myself in some of the pictures which is difficult to do.

365/365- One of my favorite pictures of Averie Jo. Yes, I know her bang is getting long- I think I have decided to grow out her bang. I asked her to show me her teeth. We went to the Ostriches field trip and we had a blast! I had no idea that we had an Ostriches farm in Klamath Falls.  

I am VERY thankful that the 365 project is completed. It is a perfect timing to end it since I am more busy with two girls which doesn't give me too much time to take pictures even through I want to. It was a fun experience with few bumps in the road. I wanted to give it up few times here and there but I stuck with it. It definitely push my photography creativity outside of the box. Here is my very first picture of my 365 project. Look how little Miss Averie Jo was! She has grow up so fast! 

There will be no more weekly pictures post but I will definitely post pictures when I get a chance and tell more stories about our life. Brenleigh and Averie are sleeping at the moment. It is time for me to go work on my mock dress! I am practicing on how to make a dress for my sweet niece before I make the real dress. The pressure is on!