Friday, June 27, 2014

Families, families and families!

This summer is going great because after we came back from Utah in April. My friend Joey came up and visit us for a week. We did everything last time Joey came up here so we took it easy and just hung out at the house.  Few weeks later, my brother, sister in law and nephew came up and visit over a long weekend. It was Pukeville for few days unfortunately. Scott was sick for a day and Eli was for a couple days. I was happy that I didn't puked because my gag reflex is super sensitive because I'm pregnant.  We managed to go to Crater Lake. We hung  out around the house and the next day we went to Lava Bed Caves. It was pretty cool. I would go to the cave again but find a babysitter for Averie Jo. Be prepare with flashlight! It was really fun and nice to spend one on one time with them! 

Few weeks later, guess what? Mom and Aunt Susie came up here and visit us for a week! It was a blast with them. I forgot how much fun with those two! They are a hoot! We went to Medford for a day. We went shopping. Averie Jo found her cool, sweet ATV bike. She refused to leave the store without. Heck, she didn't even want to get off of it so Aunt Susie can buy it at the checkout. Of course, Aunt Susie have every single tools in her purse. She had a wire cutter. She cut off the box off of the bike and Miss Averie Jo rode it out of the store! 

We hung out at the house, went for a hike over by the lake and lay out in the backyard. I got a new pool for Miss Averie Jo cuz the other one broke. She had a blast going down the slide into the pool.  I was able to convince mom and Aunt Susie to come up last week so we can be able to tell them that Miss Averie Jo is going to be a BIG sister! It was so nice to tell someone in person! My mom screamed when she found out! We skyped with everybody else and told them. We are so thrilled and super excited what is coming at the end of the year!  

It isn't over for us to have visitors! Debbie and Steve are coming up next week and we are going to the coast for few days. We are super excited and can't wait! Few weeks later, we will be going to Utah and I will be staying for three weeks! Woo hoo! 

I will leave you with some ultrasound pictures and videos! The baby's head is on the left side and feet on the right side to guide you with the pictures. The baby's heartbeat was 167. The baby was very wiggling. The doctor said it won't be long before I feel the baby. Feeling the baby move is the best part of the pregnancy! 

Week 21

141/365 The day we official told everybody-We are so excited!

142/365 Reading- Averie Jo drag the pillow off of the couch and over by her books. (Cell phone picture)

143/365 Silly face! She of course had smear yogurt all over her face. 

144/365 Cute bum!

145/365 Going down the slide

146/365  Miss Averie Jo LOVES to go shopping for real silverware. It drive me crazy! 

147/365 Jumping for Joy! I am official done with the quilt top. The rest will be a breeze! I found someone to quilt it together for me. I just need to get the bedding and back cover. I am so so ready to done with the quilt. It is a LOT of work! Each row took just over a hour to sew together. Only sew two inches at a time. Thank goodness for watching shows on my computer to help pass the time. I asked myself why did I do the most complicated quilt?! I remind myself, I wouldn't do any other way with grandma's fabrics. I can't wait to show it to her! 

148/365 Curious girl watching the rain. We ran out and jump in the puddle for a minute. Miss Averie is a big girl and love to open the sliding door which drive me crazy! I can't keep it close. I am in for a real trouble when winter comes. Yesterday, it wasn't the best day for me or Averie. It was a long hard day for ourselves. I told Josh that we need something to block Averie Jo from opening the door like NOW! He went to Home Depot and got something. I was able to take a decent shower this morning without worry about the door. :) 

Week 20

134/365 Train time! 

135/365 Gems Baseball- Averie Jo LOVES Tater the mascot!

136/365 Miss Averie Jo's new toy- she refused to leave the store without it. 

137/365 Sliding into the pool

138/365 Miss Averie Jo LOVES to climb up on the chair and sit there

139/365 More swimming! She had a blast!

140/365 Washing Baby Stella

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 19

I'm still debating whither to keep doing this project but this week I did several pictures in one day. 

127/365 Naked Miss Averie Jo- she wouldn't keep her clothes on.

128/365 Laughing and giggling 

129/365 Up! Plane! Plane! Every time she hear a plane, she point up and said plane!

130/365 Miss Averie Jo found a ladybug. 

131/365 Miss Averie Jo LOVES to take her shoes off. I can't keep them on long enough!

132/365 Diesel is her best friend so why she wouldn't want to be just like him?! I can't keep her away from it unless I remove the bowl off of the ground. The problem is I don't remember to put it back until Diesel beg me for it. 

133/365 Love to go down the slides. BTW I painted her toenails again. :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Week 18

120/365 Cousins

121/365 Jumping in the pool

122/365 Crater Lake with family

123/365 Drinking from the hose

124/365 Eeeeeeli!

125/365 I love his face expression!

126/365 Playing with the water

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 17

113/365 Ice!  Miss Averie Jo LOVES ice and beg for it every day. P.S. her hair is bothering me! It is so long and won't let me put in a ponytail cuz she would take it out in 5 minutes. I am ready to get the scissor out and cut it! 

114/365  Averie Jo and Daddy 

115/365 Spin!

116/365 Wee! Notice she got baby Stella, her drink and baby Stella's underwear while going down the slide. Baby Stella is 99.9% naked all the time.

117/365 Averie Jo and Mommy- Yes, most of the time I don't wear make up cuz it is pointless. 

118/365 Sunshine!

119/365 Daddy's girl- She DIDN'T want anything to do with me. All she wants is daddy and stay close to him. She followed him while he mowed but she wanted to be held! It freed up some times for me to do things around the house before Scott, Michaela and Eli came in town!