Saturday, October 1, 2016

Misc. pictures!

Averie Jo started preschool on Sept. 1. 2016. We were so excited for preschool and couldn't wait for it to start!  She is loving it and look forward to it each week. 

The girls helped me make zucchini brownie. This was the first time Brenleigh ever help bake. The brownie was so good! 

I love Brenleigh's face! The girls learned to take turns even through waiting for their turn seem like taking forever to come.

Watching the brownie baking.

I love this sweet moment they shared.

Averie Jo started to play soccer and she is having lots of fun! 

I love her poses! 

Brenleigh is beginning to start her terrible 2- just in time before baby girl come.....

She still like to suck on her thumb.

We have been reading a lot more books and started to make weekly trip to the library.  I am loving this stage and hope it will last for a long time. 

I love the lighting on Brenleigh one morning during breakfast. Usually, she will tell me it is bright with her arm on her face. 

She didn't like a particular piece of the cereal. 

I can now finally said it is baby month at last! Baby girl still doesn't have a name and I am so sure she is going to make me wait until near the end of the month before she appears. The sooner, the better for me. We are ready for baby girl! 

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